Sia – Chandelier [AUDIO]

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Sia’s new single “Chandelier. Download the song on iTunes UK and German fans, the iTunes pre-order is available now! http://…


JustinL614 says:

Wow how does she sing like that???

Lilly Saynew says:

Lyric Video for this song is super amazing ! check out now at SiaVEVO ! 

apatheticpsycho04 says:

lyric video’s out. :)

DarkHunting says:

Ok ok ok …
Urgh !
* *______________________________________* *

Braian Vargas says:

The best song of Sia

C Uhle says:

is this the sia from titanium or the sia who sings breathe me? or are they
the same person?

Warnerchild says:

why has this not got a music video yet?!?!?!?! it’s fucking 2014!!!

Laura Epps says:

Listen to this +Miss Bella Sheeran

sherezadelink says:

That voice!

Heather Baby says:

Ok Sia, where’s the music video for this AWESOME song i been searching for
the last couple of weeks if there’s no video yet please Sia create one ASAP
ASAP ASAP! and yes I’m looking forward to seeing you actually and safely
swingggggg from the Chandelier____:) and 123 123 drink lol:)
LOL I really do:):):)
love this song alot!!!!!:)

ErmIN says:

Very nice.

Frostgirl39 says:

Come on everyone get this song to 1 million!!

Jessica Zhang says:

MY NEW FAV SONG!! Time to hit the replay button……..

P.S. Her voice and skill is BREATHTAKING!

Anik Paul says:

how is her voice this good….. dam she has a huge gift


Duet with Sia and Lana Del Rey please

hamsterminator says:


Darty Cat says:

Love this song!!! Awesome job Sia

TheNotSoLuckyChick says:

Sia and Woodkid need to do a song together ASAP <3 xx

bontotgemok says:

at some part of this song, she sounds like Rihanna.. or is it the music
hmm.. :(

Ahmed Morir says:

Amazing song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa Doyle says:

sounds like Rihanna o:

Sivan Cohen says:

wow she was literally wrote everything for Rihanna, hasn’t she? Vocal
style sounds just like Rihanna 

Estrella De Luna says:

Sia? No.

Donald Simmons says:

I wish Chandelier becomes a big hit and Sia wins a Grammy for it :)

Walter Bachmann says:

Sounds like Nellie Furtado

Elena Suciu says:

We love you in Ireland!!!

Dee Ozcan says:

So beautiful ❤️

Pandas Bearman says:

It’s sad because she specified her contract that she wouldn’t want to tour
or promote her own stuff. Just hopes they make it big on their own.

Genrri Garcia Prado says:

I’m so proud of you Sia :’) , greetings from Chile!

Guy Dino says:


Swiit Pill says:

Waiting for music video

Sam Donaldson says:


mrk454 says:

two things id really like to see..
1: this song hit to hit no1
2: video to this song made in studio like in her other clips

dandin3perez says:

well this song can be easy the next big hit song. no problem
love it

Michael Slater says:

The voice is still as incredible as ever but I just feel this song loses
something of what made Sia unique. Saying that, this song could (and
should) catapult her to the heights of fame she should have had many years

Joanne Chan says:

totes in love with this song at the moment!! 😀 

Gregor Singer says:

OMG OMG OMG tears in my eyes – damn her voice

abcdLeeXY says:

This was played in North America radio :)

djnee says:

Argh, sorry to go against the grain here…..i have heard this song on the
radio numerous times in Australia in the past week, but i just wish she’d
have properly sung CHANDELIER and not CHANDELIE-HEE…. It does my head in
every time i hear it!!! What’s the deal with this!? WTF is a
CHANDELIE_HEEEEEEEEE? If you’re going to sing CHANDELIER then at least make
it sound like CHANDELIER!!!!

scheer4life says:


yoerli lasso says:

beautiful song!!!!!!!!!

DaSom Ha says:

The real is back!

Angel Walker says:

I love here vocal style. She’s a breath of fresh air. 

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