Silverstein – On Brave Mountains We Conquer (Official Music Video)

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The official music video for Silverstein song “On Brave Mountains We Conquer” off ‘This Is How The Wind Shifts’ – out now on Hopeless Records! Get ‘This Is H…


Gabie Retana says:

I didn’t get the video but the song is freaking awesome!

notcontentwithlosing says:

boy, that escalated fast,

Leonardo Libanio (Porncowboy) says:


avengedangel13 says:

fuck yeah :)

Paul Lavigueur says:

What the hell was the video!? AHHHH!

I’m guessing his wedding tape maybe?

Otherwise, awesome music video!

JTPxM3TAL says:

The best thing about Silverstein is the fact that they haven’t sold out or
gone soft.

Luiz Felipe Rahn says:

i guess this video is showing something like the alzheimer syndrom.
freaking weird. And BTW the music is awesome.

Sam Hackenson says:

Still excited that Silverstein follows me on both of my twitter accounts.
My friend is super jealous.

Cammy D. says:

i’ll love u foreveeeeeeeeeeer silverstein ♥

Zack Murphy says:

Thank god, you guys still sound amazing!

james buttigieg says:

There music videos are getting sloppy

ShyCupcakeX3 says:


Pablo Ramirez says:

Wow 0.0

Devon Larrabee says:

Really cool, I dig the concept a lot. 

Killamixtape says:

When this video stars, i think “hmmmm, seems like a somes good stuff”, but
wat da f*cking was in the end? Is da tape killing grandpa? But for why? 

Amanda bunn says:

they’re awesome in concert 

John Alega says:


Connor Hellwig says:

This song is awesome, could have had a way better music video. First
disappointing Silverstein music video, on the bright side.

Reformology says:


Артём Забашта says:

i’m from Ukraine and I love sirverstein. The new music video is awesome)))
but i can’t understand fool moral of this music video(

Adriana Serrano says:


insomniac120 says:

That was amazing. <3

Hope Liston says:

Amazing video! I love it! 

dragomayn says:

I love you Silverstein <3

Phil Punk says:

объясните мне сюжет этого клипа ! Какого хрена этот дедок носится туда сюда
и смотрит какую то кассету .Что на ней ?

WaffleZbeBallin says:


Peace Zdes' says:


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