SKRILLEX – Bangarang feat. Sirah [Official Music Video]

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Download this song Video Director(s):Tony T. Datis Producer : HK corp Listen to Skrillex on Spotify: © WMG 2012.


quepasatrooon says:

Sonic Boom

Google+ Teens Forever Network says:

hey people!!!
i want to tell you that go and add +Jasline Menezes !!!
she is a really sweet friend friend and she will keep you busy with
fantastic stuff!!!!
music shoutout to Jaseline!!!!

Heather M says:

Loving life.. so looking forward to tonight! Finally letting down my hair
and putting this insomnia to good use!!
Tip it up!!! ;D Have fun all!
This is my “getting ready to go out” jam…..Cant help but pop your chest
to it!

I have an awesome name says:

*i hate the new comment system* !

Timmy Toot says:

Doesn’t that ice cream truck driver look like john candy?

Gamer Life says:


Christian Baker says:

i’ve heard many step artist that can blow skrillex out the water.

RZaqs X says:

Bangarang, skrillex

Gotmilk says:

am i the only person who feels sorry for the ice-cream man just tell me
what he did wrong so i can change my sympathy into hatred.

AshuraPlaysMinecraft says:

Sonic Boom sent me here

FrostBiteTelevision says:

You got to admit this music video doesn’t fit the music…

bobby dazzler says:

How did Phill Jupitus get this gig?

Stan Lahtivuori says:

its like capture of the flag in halo : D

Arsen Arutunian says:


Zadeinator says:

theres one thing i legitemately do not understand about this video, were
those adult kids robbing robbers or are they working for the government or

Tomek Hirst says:

I hate skrillex but this is the one song they made what I actually like

Vinicius José says:

SKRILLEX Much Better Than David Guetta!!!!!!!!!!

paola aguilar says:

i love skrillex XD

lucas stuff 57 says:

Wait, so these, wait, what the heck?

M. Danailova says:

Sonic Boom Trailer Theme

Colton Cook says:

Hello caption hook

MrDragonMoney says:

Salsa on my balls boy, weed brownie. :)

cualquiercosaax says:

knuckles dislike this

RetroGama says:

why the f*** are these kids in a mob and are they good or… what?

OfficalNoobGaming says:


Necra Mancie says:

Sonic Boom, dawg.

Ellen J.Bruna says:

2 years… wow, but this song it’s very good after 2 years :3

Tom C says:


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