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全国77万人超動員! 海外アーティスト史上初の日本6大ドームツアー 【BIGBANG JAPAN DOME TOUR 2013〜2014】が早くも待望の映像商品化!! BIGBANG LIVE DVD & Blu-ray 『BIGBANG JAPAN DOME TOUR 2013〜2014』 2014.3.19 …


Ronnibear says:

I keep feeling like such a perv cuz my eyes kept gravitating to his crotch,
but the more I watch, I think that was his intention. LOL

Fany Ashleah says:

I love this man so much, holy crap! :) He’s one of the greats in K Pop. I’m
dying to see him live again in person. <333

Jazmean Grafton says:

Oh my god….


(Fan girl moment!!!)

ShinraiTensei says:

I’m still wondering, if Asian guys looks so freaking good in real life, or
it’s only look of “stars”. Hm, I hope one day I find out it. Asia is
waiting for me :))

BIGBANG is V.I.P. says:

Taeyang from the recent Bigbang Dome concerts in Japan!!

topneverstop says:

this freaking dope with the live band! im getting chill bumps jamming!

hibificational says:

The hip movement at 0:38 O_O

Anne Liu says:

He’s perfect but too perfect for me to reach him v.v=

gizibe0777 says:

just sexy and his english accent perfect

23moua says:

i like it! awesome! the rock version is super dope!!!! 

Thunder Killua says:

wow Rock version..,I like it, I like sound of the drum…ROCK IT

rainbowk11d says:


Nonah Marie Silva says:

YG dancers has swag too ♥
That’s why I don’t call them “back up” only..
#YG ♥ #Family ♥

yvy17 says:

It should be illegal the way he moves… 

Kate Alvarez says:

Sol always hold or touch his pants while dancing or singing aahahha

shaweldig msp says:

♥_♥ love it ♥

Doom Dada says:

Why you gotta cut it off there? le sigh.

MitsukiYui says:

is very beautiful,,, perfect ♥ 

seung chan says:

its funny when bigbang tries to speak japanese while their fans tries to
speak korean ;)

Maya Indah says:

i love taeyang so much…

lee go-eun says:

Awesome perfomance !!
Daebak ..

cristofer canaza fernandez says:


Iwana Huge says:


Patcharin Ts says:

Wow *.*

Laura L says:

And this one is a Taeyang performing Ringa Linfat the the Dome Tour. A song
which never makes me bored ♡

miss1104 says:

I love TaeYang! bumper sticker via etsy!

Dinda Nurul Fariza says:


wind sta says:

my heart pumping out of my chest everytime I watch this ..

Bốp Bii says:

The live-singing skill ! Awsome <3

lixjiejie says:

Awesome stage presence; wonderful performance by YB <3

Royal Romo says:

He is just awesome, i love him ‏♥

Tashy la wenona says:

I just like it

iaecehl cjsanok says:

Is this song?

sarah chia says:

don’t think i’ve ever seen such an attractive live performance

Mzelle. Elise says:

He is so perfect! *.* I love this version ♥

Nu leftkz says:

Wow this band ver sounds incredible! please release Taeyang album <3 

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