Spice Girls – Wannabe

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Music video by Spice Girls performing Wannabe.


whoopyoass says:

So what their saying is if you wannabe my lover you got to get with my
friends…sounds like every man’s fantasy we love orgys haha.

TheScribe says:

I hope this music video was made for a laugh rather than quality of music.

itsjen516 says:

they made me love England lol my 8 year old self was amazed when i herd
them talk and they sounded different then any one i had ever herd :p 

Tee Jae Ei says:

Do they even wear bra ? 

ThexDragonxLove says:

i just cant stop starring at their nips ….O.O ahhem..

slight z says:

why there nips are hard lol

JuicyPlayer says:

Scary is the hot one

Michelle Jackson says:

Chicken Little anyone? XDD

Thanairy de Santiago says:


ChuWanggAmes says:

So they infiltrated a Russian embassy and stole a homeless man’s hat….wow

Anna, Judy says:

Love this sing

MEGAsporg12 says:

lol im 13 how did i end up here?!!?

Yaniyah Jacks says:

This song is ok

anna sami says:

A long time ago this song was very popular in schools. And they are all not
together anymore. :(

fuckk google plus says:

6,813 people wannabe gay.

Eliana Molina says:

ariliwiliwiliwiliwiliwilieeinnnaaahnn ♪

iloveromanlions jear says:

whats with the nipples

Francesca Intiglietta says:

Jon Michael Schiavone says:

That video was one long shot… just one. Very impressive.

Patrycja Marcińska says:


Emma Rinaldi says:


aallaannaa says:

90’s: sweatpants and no bras

Adrienne Gurge says:

At 2:15 Ginger touches Baby spices bottom. All the times I saw this video
I never noticed that. lol

KimmiGirl9 says:

Love them

Thomas Kikendall says:

I always thought Sporty Spice was the hottest. Something told me that she
be the kinkiest under the blanks when I was a teenager.

420cheebacheeba says:

nips for days 

william james says:

friendship is a bunch of bull shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cemil kandemir says:

i love this song

Nikkii Haze says:


tgi ira says:

mmmm nipples

DuB FoX says:

I’m just here for chicken little and vine

Ana Paula Reyes says:

this is a classic to 90’s girls 

George Beauchamp says:

Nips. Nips everywhere…

Beatrice Carnell says:


guitarlad89 says:

such a good song, reminds me of the good ol’ grade school dances haha

Mo Aq says:

Why are their tits hard?

Passion4beauty says:

so basically they crashed a rich folks party and stole a homeless man hat
oh wow

Taliah Taylor says:

The video was uploaded in 2009

Andres E Moreno B says:

Increible las Spice Girl.

tatybenavides28 says:

There nipples r showing 

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