Steve Aoki feat. Waka Flocka Flame – Rage The Night Away (Album Edit) [Cover Art]

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Available On iTunes Now! From the new album Neon Future I, available August 12, 2014 Steve Aoki will be headlining NYC’s …


Ryan Roveda says:

1:45 this noise is what I needed.

john smith says:

he’s not rapping, he is the hype guy in this song, duhhhhh know the
difference fags

Purianite says:

Waka’s gotten better at rapping ever since he started working with EDM

Stephanie Pinto says:

I miss the aoki that made music in 2007 :( HARD 08 was the best! Now here
in Vegas he’s too over rated lol! But I’m still a fan

Josh Gottwerth says:

Come on people, at least agree the drop is good even if the rapping isn’t.

Patrick Teixeiraw says:


xxIOSDroiDxx says:

I like it

[M] Productions says:

aokis ghotproducers are busy to make a shit song like this

Beanie TSP says:


Chuck Fury says:


Cody Butler says:

Wakka flocka blowssss

Zak Mania says: follow me on here, you’ll like it!

Vu Dao says:

i always have to fool myself that Aoki can’t be this bad lolllllllll

Gabriel Cortes says:

Aoki is so overrated

hUayRa uY says:


mike michaels says:

such a disgrace to music, what happened to electronic music? its all such
shit now, and rap? what the fuck happened? rest in peace music 

Zachary Wilkinson says:

please stop working with crump wack ass artists steve…. you are so much
better then them :D

Connor Macleod says:

Waka begins by encouraging consumerism and instructs you to blow your money
but then contradicts with the drop “make your money stack”…I don’t

Nicholas Bugeja says:

what the fuck is this bullcrap? I swear the taste in music some people have
is complete shit!

Rodrigo Sanchez says:

Fuck yall its actually good -.-t 

Zuqney says:

asian jesus ! 

EverythingGaming says:

Sick beat 

genesis basanta says:

+Steve Aoki 

ruby portales says:

That drop tho

J Jermxnoobsalyer says:

finish till the end !!!!!!

Lemmy Kilmister says:

What a crap Aoki O.o

ientertainmentZA says:

steve has a way of always putting one in a party vibe! 

Brandon Perez says:

Oooohhh shiiiitt! 

Andrew Rueth says:

Steve aoki still worried about showing the world he has friends. Beat is
sick. Waka ruins.

Joaquin Albornoz says:


Gerardo Villanueva says:

Just shut the fuck up ya’ll haters just shut up listen or dont listen they
work hard to make u music okay so shut up haters ya’ll not about the
dubstep life okay

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track. If you like it, just follow me as a lot of new tracks will be coming

alexhardstyler55 says:


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