StreetDance 3D – Full Movie

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The StreetDance Movie from 2010 ( Breaking Point )


Kiko Kawaii says:

I liked everything about this movie except for the final dance battle. It
was just a bit disappointing. 

cimorellifan899 says:

É muito top ……

jAcKK1233234 says:

open ur eyes then if u cnt see it

dianna fagan says:

ive been looking for this thank you! lol the black girl “whatever tutu

cimorellifan899 says:

Legal é muito top

cimorellifan899 says:

Love you …..

Peyton Mcpeak says:

49 mins all girls but like 2 guys xD i wonder if it was hard for them not
to get boners 😛 xD xD xD

Rez Tek says:

NICE!!! The Character “Eddie” is almost like me. A Closet Dancer, till he
finally comes out and steals the Scene.

Lily Tan says:

24:31 is what song?can tell me pls?

Gurleen Sound says:

whens street dance 3 coming out

GLUA14 says:

Kofi was just amazing in this 

mantas sahga says:

This is my favorite dances

Emilia Gamboa says:

amazing i love the movie especially t was funny when the 3 men were dancing
like a puppet

Ινα Σιγμα says:

who is thw song in 54:15

shankie bisht says:

I got it…

Caiti Scott says:


SnapDrugs says:

That running tho 😀 57:30 xD

anil tankisi says:

1;19 yes go eddie my fav charactie

AmeliazXDAngel WzW says:

jay is so hot and thanks for uploading

Joshua Moreno says:

the movie was good the only thing I think could have been different is the

craigs wilson says:

Film makes me want to street dancing no doubt XD

Sheila Bogulski says:

Thank you

A. Melgar says:

best movie ever ur great 

Chanboramey Chea says:

I just never get tired of watching this movie :) 

DiamondGriceVEVO. says:

This bored the shit out of me

Sean Gotts says:

sound is way out of sync

Ramon Layh says:

24:30 song name please¿?

Peyton Mcpeak says:


justin love says:

I cant see da movie

gade deq says:

i like .. 

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