Swans – “A Little God In My Hands”

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The first song from the new Swans album ‘To Be Kind’, out May 13th through Young God/Mute. Download it here: http://www.self-titledmag.com/2014/03/21/song-of…


theneedledrop says:

I don’t know whether to be turned on or scared…

MXN Polyamorous says:

New to this, I have a thing for weirdness and distorted sound so let’s say
I need new pants after listening to this…in a good way.

Bleach Gecko says:

This is so weird but im so obsessed with it.

Al Martinez says:

Swans is fucking awesome…


Jim Bob says:

This should be the new Bond theme.

Tony Cuevas Uribe says:

Jesus, that was intense

Zaners says:

Why am I having a panic attack?

TheElectricMarmoset says:

I’m really digging the direction they’re taking this album……

Zaphod Trillian says:

Sounds a lot like Marilyn Manson circa Antichrist Superstar…but better.

John Anthony Reardon says:

so so sexy…

Joshua Nicholson says:

this is fucking hipster garbage oh my goodness. no musical depth

Carpettower says:

this song cannot get better

Janos Drake says:

what’s that kicking in at 1:55? sounds like xylophone or dulcimer or

Minia Winderland says:
Jordan Brown says:

Anyone have thoughts on Annie Clark’s chanting?
What do you think she’s saying?


Sportsguyy18 says:

Has a song ever been so good that you started laughing hysterically, or
maybe it’s because it’s 5 in the morning. The wait for this album is going
to kill me.

James Gaffney says:

10 dislikes? gimme a break.

Oleg Voidness says:

Album art is terrible. 

jason mckinnon says:

These guys are trying way too hard to be 2innovative4u

meerokay says:

This is amazing 

lorenz bo says:


Michael M says:

It sounds like Parliament with Bowie on vocals ft Einsturzende Neubauten.

Benjamin Simpson says:

Kazimierz Garshin says:

To everyone who likes this – the rest are pussies anyway: don’t download it
illegaly, but buy it. They have earned it!

Blackbullnova69 says:

Sort of reminds me of Primus…

Jeremy Biscay-Evans says:

After hearing Oxygen, you do get this sense that this album is leaning in a
more groovier direction, especially with the extra use of guitars. This
band has been pretty focused on less – relying on guitars to steer the song
direction. I feel that they’re starting to bring it back a bit, and it
excites me.

AJtheory says:

If you ever see SWANS live, you might see M. Gira transform into a churning
burning ball of fire, throwing off sparks and flares. Your cell phone will
not work

alaric perez says:

I second the guy who said he burst out into maniacal laughter once this
song kicked in. This album is going to be really something

nik mertze says:

it sounds like a coming of an old bastard friend…
What’s my name? Its a rhetorical question or something…

jaffro321 says:

How very Swans.

gil Fr says:


GryndStone says:

summon the popsicle

psilosibey says:

abrasive as hell, excrement in the form of audio, not that that’s a bad

gwet17 says:

I never pre-order albums.
I can’t wait to pre-order this album.

Dominic Horner says:

Wow, that’s really good.

Ivan Herrera says:


CptSamurai says:

Absolutely brilliant.

Huseyin Akgocmen says:

Holy shit…

mybloodyboognish says:

It just sounds do goddamn dirty. Just filthy. I love it. 

Pithas Maggot says:


Thammachart Jamshi says:

Sounds like The Seer Returns getting electronically raped by No Words/ No


howlermonkeysweat says:


cthulhugamete says:

Oh no wonder I didn’t recognize this when I saw them 2 days ago. It’s new.
Between the Seer and the Seer tour which I saw last year, when did they
have the time? Whatever. I’m just glad they’re back. 

Levan Dzneladze says:


Will Tamburello says:

Reminds me of their older stuff.

Mongofa Zee says:

Primus sucks

December Sounds says:

This makes me feel bad feelings

Dubs Checkem says:

The most wonderfully depressingly evil music ever heard

Ferp Derp says:

is someone mowing the yard outside??…oh wait that’s the swans

DexterousDiggs says:

Jesus that’s good stuff! So groovy!

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