Taylor Swift – Back To December

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Music video by Taylor Swift performing Back To December. (C) 2011 Big Machine Records, LLC.


Cornelius5465 says:

Romantic Evening 7

Sokteang Ngov says:

Just a sudden, I feel like I can relate to the song a lot! Feel sad ab what
happened after all…

TheSingingBUn says:

Why I listen to TW: Her songs helped a broken heart I once had and all
those very relatable scenarios in her lyrics.

Kaydence Kugel says:

love it

Jessica Payne says:

I love this song (don’t Judge Me)


love you taylor!!!!!!!

Kara Camille Delonas says:

Hi! I love Taylor Swift!!
I’m Kara, a 21 year old musician
I just did some new covers!! I will be doing a cover of 22 by Taylor very
Please just take 1 second and watch them!!
Thanks, Merci, Gracias, Danke, Obrigado, Grazie … !!! <3 XX
Have a nice day!!

Johnny Pan says:

Everytime I listen to this music, it remind me of Owl City

tlauderdalehp21 says:

Taylor swift is a LEGEND!

Diana45251 says:

To Tyrone 

Farin Ashraf says:

luv this song….

Rose Black says:

My favourite song … can’t stop listening to it ^^

Bryan Gutierrez says:

To Michelle.

elecris26 says:

I never thought …

Ellie Jones says:

What album is this on? 

Antoo Caceres says:

I love this songggg

Catz Kara says:

Taylor Swift is so beautiful and she sings good :)

Brianna Bussey says:

so beautiful

Alejandra Sánchez Pérez says:

I love this song!! is this song for Taylor Lautner?

Gloria Chan says:

+Jemima Blocks I wish my crush would sing this to me.

Ryan Brandt says:

Taylor Swift is my favorite Singer .

colormered13 says:

The guy looks like a dark haired version of Pewdiepie. xD

david noble says:

this is in memoy of my cat Snowbell Cayzer. it makes me cry thinking about
you snow bell.i miss you a lot

Wanna be writer says:

U are the grates singer ever!!!!!

Frank Holloway says:

I would cry oops

Stuart Moskowitz says:

an incredible talent



Sabrina Rizky says:

Favorite an amazing music video•

Miriam Rodriguez says:

love the song!!!!!!

Olivia Starr says:

I cried

Rakbarn Matuphoom says:

i like this song very much :)
<3 Taylor Swift 

Barbie Rr says:

Lovely song! :) 

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