Taylor Swift – Teardrops On My Guitar

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Music video by Taylor Swift performing Teardrops On My Guitar. (C) 2007 Big Machine Records, LLC.


Doka Roberts says:

well at least she is singing about something instead of meaningless words

yeni yo says:

this is the first song i ever heard of her, been a swiftie ever since <3

Hannah slevin says:

taylor just writes about boys..

Leroy Hutchinson says:

Guys need to stop breaking taylor swifts heart.

Magsy979 says:

I miss Taylor’s curly hair…

Veronica❤Oncie says:

Oh god, I always loved the song, but never saw the vid, now that I did, I
got tears in my eyes watching this :333
I’m a huuuuuuuuuuge fan of hers too!!! :33

DiaXisHD says:

First thing I think: FRIENDZONED

Alfred Brown says:

That feeling when you like a guy but he doesn’t like you back

Bianca Jauregui says:


Janny Turner says:

He’s trying to make you jelly O_O Don’t you know?

sayounara1232 says:

After watching this vid and listening to this song Drew actually came to
her and said that he never knew Taylor loved him and asked her out on a
date bu Taylor kindly said no. I wish she accepted him it would have been

Maria Rassi says:

i love her hair in this video

benny ngo says:

what a dick that guy was

Halie h says:

She looks gorgeous in this video.

Marrya Ben-gharbia says:

This is heartbreaking…Who wouldn’t want Taylor? She is really pretty…

Nightingale Valkyrie says:

Dear Taylor Swift,

Please stop stealing my diary

(P.S you’re awesome)

Leslie Trent says:

I heard this when I was 5, I’ve loved her ever since!

Aliza Carrillo says:

I just. This explains my current situation 

Nicole Maluafou says:

Bet Drew is kicking himself now.

shezmaru jabawockeez says:

i’m crying while watching this

T K WONG says:

I feel like crying on my guitar

livelaughlovelearnxo says:

Just realized the guy is Chris Keller from One Tree Hill.

“Chris Keller doesn’t like her.”

gentle wind shiny sun says:

i always love Taylor Swift .this song is so so so nice.

Anna Mercer says:

he’s ugly! Taylor can get someone way handsomer than that who actually
loves her! Keep trying Taylor!

Julia Ligtenberg says:

Chris Keller:)

Daisy D says:

Omg this was my song back then! Like when I felt sad I would play this song

Mary Baker says:

chris keller :)

Love life 140 says:

I am in the same situation,
My friend is dating the guy i like since 6th grade!!
I feel your pain taylor!!

Clairesse Portillo says:

Love this song and love the guys eyes


Mrs holester shut up Taylor swift is awsome and is same as always she’s
Not changed if you wanna talk about change go talk about miley cyrus cause
Taylor is awsome as always abd hasn’t and never will change <3

Cody Stevenson says:

I love her but i love this song better

Elmz oriondo says:

tayloR swiFtie is so beutyful so she’s my idoL and she’s the best singeR!!

Erika Suzuki says:

She is the beautifulest person in the world. <3

AnzAngel2015 says:

i remember when my cousin first introduced me to Taylor Swift, at the time
this song came out. I went to school all crazy and FORCED my friends to
listen to her! haha

Jill Vanhees says:

luv her!!!!!!!!!!!!

srinika mdr says:

“chriss keller likes that” … but i wish tyler hilton could too sing
along with talor because he really has a great voice ..

kaitlynfan says:

I love her dress !!!!!!!

Nick Figurelli says:

Boys can feel this way too right?@MiaPusedu

tay tay nums nums says:

Taylor swift is my fan I want to see hero want to hug her 

Mischa Jensen says:

My Drew song <3

raymond smith says:

I am hungery can I please have something to eat

Ramona Avril says:

It s like this song and video are made for my love story :'(

dulcemaria2109 says:


Alexis Finley says:

Tyler Hilton-One Tree Hill.

Audrey Hope says:

That is just, well, HORRIBLE! 

Stephanie Joyce says:

is the girl drew ends up with also in white horse? she keeps ruining the
love! haha

Gabby Garcia says:

Taylor you don’t deserve Drew! You are much better than that!:)

Faith Mandi Jones says:

Magsy me too i loved it

Kristy Ringer says:

That dress though….

Viki irwin says:

Every mother fucking day

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