Tech N9ne – Strangeulation Cypher – Official Music Video

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Tech N9ne – Strangeulation Cypher New Official Hip Hop Music Video iTunes – Tech N9ne Collabos – Strangeulation in stores now! Strangeu…


Strange Music Inc says:

We’re seeing a lot of people disappointed that Brotha Lynch, Rittz, Jay
Rock and Big Scoob weren’t in the cypher video…these guys have insane
schedules and not everyone could make it to the shoot that day. Much love
to all the fans who support and love the music and projects Strange Music
is working hard to put out for y’all!!

Jessey ellis says:

I like eminem but that was a sick diss

DuckOnQwack Dorian says:

Tech and Eminem need to make a collab…

John Rowlett says:

Did he diss eminem

D Tabzy says:

Jay Rock needs to leave Strange Music and Wreckonize needs to be a solo
artist and !MAYDAY! needs to be signed to another record label, so Strange
Music can be a real Clique. Tech N9ne, Ces Cru, Rittz, Stevie Stone, Krizz
Kaliko, Murs, Brotha Lynch Hung, Big Scoob, Wrekonize, Kutt Calhoun &

Justin Poindexter says:

The fact that they used the same beat for 4 different Strangeulations on
the album was stupid, they should’ve made one huge cypher like this at the
end of the album.

Gold Sack says:

The only members of strange music that i know are Tech N9ne and CES Cru,
but i’m definitely going to check all of the members out after hearing

Dominic Litchfield says:

I guess Twisted Insane isn’t part of this because he’s signed to Liquid
Assets Records? Shame, I’d love to see his verse

Mississippi Representative says:

This cypher is lame as fuck… in my opinion only of course.. But lame ass
rappers talking about lame bullshit when their flows are nowhere near as
good as techs.. The only guy who isnt talking the same bullshit as the
other guys is the 4th guy, the one that was in the club… Krizz is tight
too tho.

Tim Gray says:

Did Murs just diss Bone Thugs?

Im Fat Due To Kfc says:

if i drink female cum will i die

Alex Murphy says:

Big Scoob absolutely kills this shit, I like him but damn…he stepped it
up on this one

Ploxly says:

The fuck is tech wearing? -_- Ugliest fucking hat ive ever seen

soimboredandtesting says:

only verse i thought could have been better was bernz

Isaac Francis Akui Suisei says:

awwwww where’s hopsin :(

Metta Peace says:

+Strange Music Inc Will you be releasing a full version of just the audio
to this cypher, including Rittz, BLH, Jay and Scoob? I understand their
schedules conflicted with the music video, but will you be making a full
“song” version?
I think a lot of us would appreciate it. I’d buy it on iTunes pronto.

Thumbs up to get attention on this, just in case

ahmad cisse says:

Who else thinks Godemis is underrated?

SocraticTaoist says:

After hearing the majority of these guys im not sure why they’re on strange
music. Most of them sound like the average run of the mill artists. Only
like three, or four, of these guys really seem like they should be on
strange, and one of them is Tech.

mista808 says:

My music needs to be a part of the Strange Music label. Grew up in
Sacramento, CA and my biggest inspiration as a lyricist was Brother Lynch.
I’ve been playing keys for 20+ years, writing for 2 decades, produce spit
engineer rip. Give me a chance and google the name. #MISTA808 I’ve
already reached out to the label through emails. Any other advice on who
to contact? 

KingsThroneTV says:

All these nigga thick as shit! I only saw like two skinny dudes rapping,
the rest were thicky thicks.

Hax Dota says:

In what city is this ?

Cass Jackson says:

I don’t really like the white guy from CES but I REALLY like Godemis.

Lucas Molina says:

I have never seen so many black people hate on another one of their fellow
“brothers” as much as black people do to Tech N9ne. I understand he is not
your “cup of tea” but god damn. Why can’t the black community give respect
where respect is due? And it never fails, the minute you see something of
Tech N9ne posted, you can assure you will see a SHITLOAD of hate from his
fellow black community….why? Because he’s different and strange? Because
his main loyal fan base consist of anyone not black? Is it because he does
not make songs that will make people say “oh this is gonna be hot at the
club!” To me it seems like even if you didn’t fuck with Techs style, or
flow, or what he rapped about, as black people wouldn’t you want to praise
such determination, consistancy, and heart……This dude has stayed
consistant since the 90’s and kept it independant. Go down the comment list
and read the reasons why the black community doesn’t fuck with
him……..ignorance at its best

NinjjjGames says:


Adil Omar says:

The Eminem line… just… wow

Rapoholic Btm says:

this cypher is hard as fuck but still EMINEM is GOD of Rap, you get me yoyo

nystagmus says:

prozac content was amazing, krizz and tech n9nes flow was off the rooof

Seth Morgan says:

I only watched for rittz.. and now I am disappointed. they should have
fucking waited until they had everyone in it to release this. …

Imatrip says:

Kutt Calhoun looks like Rashad Evans. Am I right?

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