The Black Eyed Peas – Just Can’t Get Enough

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Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing Just Can’t Get Enough. Interscope Records #VEVOCertified on December 26, 2011. http:/…


alexis sadler says:

remember this i love it!!!!!!!!!!

MindlessDonut says:

Tons of memories right here.

Mat Jog says:

<3 <3

rishab reddy says:


Samuele Disogra says:

you are fantastic!!! :)

Silvia Elisabeth says:

gamer6654 says:

oh, brings back so many memories of freshman year of high school right here

Yousif X says:

I used to listen to it when I started high school 3 years ago. Now 2 months
left to my grad. The memories of the old days still in my mind, but it is
the time to take a bigger step forward to be an engineer…

geysa carolina says:

this music is very good !

Karina HZ says:

I’m addicted & I just can’t get enough!!! :”)

aa3310aaa says:

Yes! This is real music!!

themysteriousfigure0 says:

I remember when music played on the radio was actually good.

Alex Contreras says:

Peas just can’t get enough 

Saantiago Saalazar says:

This Video was filmed in japan one week before the earthquakeand tsunami
our thoughts and players go out to all people of japan we love you ♥ 

Aura Blaze says:

T^T I need serious help because I seem to get addicted to one song and now
another one ujtfyjtxjtucjxytjytdtxyj!!!!!

Lots o Sheeps says:

Flappy Birds in a nut shell.

Anisa Burnw says:

I love your guys music I think all of you have a good singing voice best
love your music

Ewelina Piotrowicz says:

bhargava katrep says:


Haji dayi says:

where are they now?

Melissa Kaur says:

I love this song sooo much <3...but the commercial before the video started
scared the crap out of me, it came on LOUD lol :D

Ben Inman says:

this is DJ 300 this song is the bom in il I love this song

Tony Montana says:


IM JAH says:

I love you guys <3

xxSwagMaster xxf says:


efrain bacilio says:

me gusto 

Kaue Bairros says:

Miss that so much!

Rohit Sharma says:


Roberta Santana says:

Love this music.

roberto jaco says:

Best single ever❤️

Zyzz Trifonow says:

LeBron JAMES 6 !!!!!!1

Pery Tite says:

If the last minute wasn’t annoying af, this song would be amazing

Sarah Vinci says:

Fergie has had a baby since this video, 

MrWinnypig says:

I love this song but there is one thing that really bothers me… Does she
really sing JUMP inside your love because it really sounds something like
GERMAN SIDE xD or JAM inside your love. I hate when people cant sing
R.I.P tsunami victims:(

Dominic Kargol says:

I wish I could get enough

Nikolas T says:


Phương Thúy says:

so so so amazingggggggggggggggggg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sheena joi dela cruz says:

2014 and still listening this awesome song

Damjan Matovic says:

I just can’t get enough <3

Kim Lamont says:

Sad how in the beginning they said it was filmed 1 week before a earthquake
and tsunami but good song

Manfredzik1 says:

Fergie <3

Karimi elelele says:

bring the Black eyed peas back ;(

Nathan Buchanan says:

I hope they come back

MWBlueNoodles says:

They don’t play good music on radio anymore 

Kiewart Gulliver says:

best from them

Ophelie Ribeiro says:


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