The Black Keys – Fever [Official Audio]

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The Black Keys’ new album Turn Blue will be released May 13th. Pre-order the album at and receive the single “Fever” instantly. Subsc…


Mrprofessional610 says:


Darkstar8473 says:

Just when I thought this band couldn’t get any worse; they come out with
this shit.

Boss Of This Gym says:

hey Dan, a young man named Alex Turner is trying to take that rock throne
from you. Why you playing it safe?

Leonardo Poloni says:

Their songs are getting worst as long they put more instruments…I’ve
accepted the El Camino, but now they gone too far.

ettelliwm says:

Sort of disappointing. Not bad, just sort of average, subpar. 

Adel Hijazi says:

Not amazing, but i like it. Can’t make the same music all the time people.

Led Trousers says:

Not trying to bitch about directional change or shit on anyone who likes
this, but for me this comes across as generic & unmemorable, compared to
previous TBK works. Kind of like El Camino: I don’t remember most of the
songs (how they go or that they exist) unless I hear ’em.

Javier Hernandez says:

Where the fuck are the rocknroll here?, i only hear pop shit, where is the
black keys god?!!! where?!!!!

MUDA98 says:

Uhh. Where is the Rock? :/

AriZonaTea1800 says:

Dan and Patrick need to go back to the good old days of playing the blues
and rough music like on Rubber factory, Magic Potion, and Chulahoma. That
was when they were at their prime. At this point I feel their new stuff is

Thibaud Barbier says:

I don’t understand some people. I love this song as much as i liked what
they did in the past. Still quality stuff for me.

José Pablo Guridi says:

i dont understand why people is very angry with this song, its not awesome
and its a little bit pop but its an OK song, The Black Keys are much
different than several years ago but hey…they are still very good, they
sound good and i dont spect bad things about this album, nothing like
BROTHERS obviosuly but dont exaggerate with things like “oh shit song” 

german rosero says:

The International Black Keys, ha ha, Good Sound.

Can Orman says:

The Black Keys was my favorite band since this song came out. I mean
Brothers was OK, El Camino was disappointing, and I’m pretty sure that this
album is going to be a mediocre album. At least for the real fans, the
fans who loved you for your raw sound and the songs you recorded in Pat’s
basement or a rubber factory. While you only had a guitar and drums. I’m
pretty sure that your new fans will be pretty happy about this, I mean you
have the catchy keyboards and everything. While you keep getting richer
with this mediocre music, me and the true fans will be waiting for the real
Black Keys. The band who turned town £ 200.000 from an English mayonnaise
commercial when they were broke because they didn’t want to sell out.

Ste Nespo says:

everytime i read “the black keys” i think that it’s written The Black Eyed
Peas and i think they re back! ):

SuperWTFawesome says:

Thumbs up if you didn’t watch the rotating image.

Big Dibe says:

<3 <3<3<3<3<3 

Gustavo Fonseca says:

3:31 :) 

Sebastian Langan says:

Man this one blows

Jan van Berkelen says:

Kind of disappointing, but still a pretty good track. I hope the rest of
the album is a little less pop, and a little more raw rock.

Nicola Varvazzo says:

that is evolution 

A. Hess says:

Not bad, but certainly not good.

Lennon Burk says:

Give it a chance people its only one song from the album

waferthin99 says:

Black Keys I’d like to thank you for providing me and my girlfriend with
sex music for the last 2 years haha!! Every single time we either put black
keys on or they come on tv… so thanks black keys for being there through
some good times ;)

Cada Courtroul says:

This song makes me want to get up and dance every time I hear it. :)

Andrew Farringer says:

I’ll say it, I love it. One of my favorites of theirs.

pugzlie18 says:

It seems too poppy. I liked certain songs on El Camino for that fact such
as Dead and Gone and Hell of a Season with my favourite song being Little
Black Submarines but this sounds just a little off. I;m buying the album
regardless as I own all of the other ones but I hope the whole thing
doesn’t sound like this. WE NEED MORE ATTACK AND RELEASE!!!!!!

Ivan Jaramillo says:

Damn Keys. They should learn from Jack White,He did not betray himself
composing pop music shit .. check this… Jack White – “High Ball Stepper”

Robert Poulson says:

Wow, so much hate, it really is a shame. 

Vinyldude says:

New Album Release Alert The Black Keys. While I like this track, it sounds
like it could have been on El-Comino. A book should not be judged by it’s
cover so with that I am hoping that their new album is a bit for forward
thinking than what this advance release.

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