The Black Keys – Turn Blue [Official Audio]

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The Black Keys new album TURN BLUE available for download now: Download on iTunes: Subscribe for …


mythesto says:

for real though that sound effect in the background is terrible

Susan Raymond says:

My local stalker sent me this link. Isn’t he adorable? 

Verneri Järvinen says:

I guess this kinda boring, bland rock music is now cool.

Almighty Shrek says:


Alonso IndieSkog says:

Bands like this, The Strokes, The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, The
Horrors, Woods, are the reason why rock is still alive.

dirkbogarde44 says:

I think Jack White gets annoyed by them because their able to write much
better songs. Simple as.

coverkillernation says:

This song is an absolute pleasure. A bit of a modern psychedelic-lite mixed
with blues-driven rock. Its a song that finds a way to feel both laid back
and intimate at the same time. Would love to hear this played in a
candlelit room with embers of incense surrounding.

さすがmesi says:


GiSe Ba says:

The Black Keys are innovators. No need to compare to any other artists, and
disregard for whether they are sellouts.

10 years from now we’ll remember their music and fantastic musicianship
shows thru this album.

Jub Jubbed says:

if a band gets popular, it tends to get more mainstream to get even more
people to like them. Rubber Factory/Attack and Release was amazing albums.
I knew that they would get the recognition they deserve, but then again,
now they have to get a even bigger crowd, and more simplified songs. What
happened to the old dirty black keys. compared to this repetitive style in
their newest songs. I’m not trying to be all like “I knew them before they
were mainstream, much better beforehand blabla” I’m just mad that one of my
favorite bands sold out. 

Ageallean1 says:

I can’t stand the Black Keys. To me, they’re just some stupid hipster band.
But this song was actually great. It has a nice chillout feel to it,
although that wah noise in the background pissed me off.

Vann G. says:

*New Black Keys*

Samuel de Sosa says:

This song gets bigger with a nice pair of headset

Led Trousers says:

Still sounds just a wee bit Danger Mouse-ish (Dammit man, stop projecting
your sound into other bands records!), but WAY better than Fever IMO. Now
I’m probably going to pre-order.

Thomas C. says:

I love the Black Keys, but I feel like I’m in an elevator.

benomidfinger says:

Third time I’m hearing this, and while I can see the appeal to this, I’m
sorry, but this is not Black Keys to me. And I’ve liked “El Camino”, which
was another album that wasn’t very well received within the older fans.
It would be cool if they got the bluesy past mixed with this sound, but to
me, this sounds just like another indie pseudo-psychedelic band that just
came from their garage. If my friends showed me without telling me which
band it’s playing, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference!
If overall people like the route the BK are taking with these singles, good
for them. I respect. But I’m sad that they lost some of their identity
through their evolution. I just hope the rest of the album gets better.

Tom Lee says:

You know what, I can still dig it.

fender512 says:

Is this what they call psychedelic rock these days?

ICantFindaNameSoYeah says:

Same shit riff playing over and over with pretentious hippie lyrics,
covered by different pedals to make it sound more authentic and
420blazeit-like, jesus christ, am i listening to MGMT again? Garage rock is
the perfect definition for this shit, if only it stayed in the garage

wardkdouglas says:


Marcy Bee says:

There is something so incredibly sensual and intimate about this song.
You’ve outdone yourselves this time, TBK.

HolyCow012 says:

I don’t get it Fever was catchy as hell and this track is so fucking groovy
and still people bitch about how underwhelming they sound on both tracks.
Haven’t the black keys earned our trust by now. Brothers and El Camino were
both very distinct and different sounding records but still kick ass. Why
start cryin now about the sound ?
I personally can’t wait ’till the album drops and everybody who dislikes
this song is a straight virgin nerd for life.

zeropromiscuous says:

I don’t know why, but this song remind me Lana’s new song.

Peter Kuli says:

This AND Fever?! Turn Blue is a must have for me!


bk is not even a level 4 or 5 band its 2 guys who play garage rock poorly
using cool fuzz pedals. THats FACT.There like a level 2 band. Level 5
L:Van Halen, Rush, YEs, Zappa,Cream Level 4 :Floyd, Beatles, Sabbath,

Levi Stutzman says:

Love this.

Let’s just put to bed an argument right here. Every band should change
something every album. If they don’t then their just sucking money out of
you. I love the black keys for not coming out with any 2 records that sound
the same. 

Charles Dowd says:

It’s different, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Daft Punk’s “Random Access
Memories” Is MILES apart from “Homework”, but both of those are highly
acclaimed albums. If these guys did the exact same thing in every album, it
wouldn’t be fun to listen to them any more. They’re mixing things up and
thats ok. I think people just get far too upset when a band does anything

titatho says:

I respect others who like it, but for me this is really not good. It has no
flow, maybe the difference between their last one record and that one is
too big for me.

Tony Stark says:

You know Coachella sucked this year without The Black Keys…

Ipwn2345 says:

Sounds like gay

Brent Bauer says:

Its a little soft for The Black Keys. I hope the rest of the album is a
little more rockin.

Georgian Grec says:

Even though it doesn’t sound like the old TBK, I freaking love this song.
And I freaking love the new album.

It’s just music people, shut up and enjoy it. This ain’t religion.

Mrprofessional610 says:

So fucking boring. I’m all for chill songs as long as they’re somewhat
dynamic but this song went no where at all. Just the same thing for over
three and a half minutes. I’m all for experimentation, but they’re dabbling
in styles and genres that they have no idea how to handle. They honestly
should just stick to what they play best. Not to mention this is starting
to look like a big middle finger to the original fans who fell in love with
their bluesy sound and supported them from the very beginning. But I guess
that’s how the industry goes. Go with the audience that makes you the most


BossMadOne says:

I’ve been looking @ the center text and they are still black. This sucks!

Louis Fecci says:

the sooner they get back in pat’s basement with a guitar, drum kit and an 8
track the better

Th3Mann96 says:

it took me a few listens but I’m really feeling this track.

skyler gallagher says:

psychedelic blues. yes! couldn’t really get into the black keys before
(probably cause i never really gave them a proper chance till i heard about
this album) but this album sounds like it’s gonna be good!

Pat Murphy says:


Justin Balogh says:

Like a lot of other people are saying – this is a good song, but not El
Camino good. El Camino was amazing – so was Brothers – those two albums I’m
so used to, and this so far is not the same sound at all.

carlosvitorior says:

I’m hypnotised.

chet samuels says:

I would like a thickfreakness mixed with lamb of god black keys album as
much as the next troll but I don’t mind the stoner stuff they’re doing now 

dramaticpickles says:

Ya know as a huge fan of Thickfreakness… I am reeaaallllyyy digging this.
I got chills. 

Camaro Guy says:

The reason that people like El Camino and Brothers is that is’t POP!! 

Boss Of This Gym says:

holy shit this is way better than Fever why didn’t they release this sooner

Kurtis Brabeck says:

To everyone who is crapping themselves over this, I saw in an interview
that they said they realised that they were now so popular that they could
experiment and be themselves and people would still love them. 

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