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Watch the official video for The Cars – “Drive”. Release in 1984, it is the third single from the band’s Heartbeat City album and their biggest international…


William Prieto says:

Absolutely awesome song and emotional video.

Elaina Deva says:

Whose gonna pay attention to your dreams….

Ioannis Liandris says:


Grace L says:

been there wore the shirt

Raymond Blum says:

and over and over and over…


*Deep Cuts: The Cars*
One of the most iconic songs, from one of the most iconic bands of the 80’s.

#Big80s #QuietStorm #RRHK #DeepCuts 

Marco Maluco says:

Ouvindo !

Mabel Lemos says:


Cornelius5465 says:

Who’s gonna tell you when, it’s too late
Who’s gonna tell you things, aren’t so great
You can’t go on, thinkin, nothin’s wrong
Who’s gonna drive you home tonight

Who’s gonna pick you up, when you fall
Who’s gonna hang it up, when you call
Who’s gonna pay attention, to your dreams
Who’s gonna plug their ears, when you scream

You can’t go on, thinkin, nothin’s wrong
Who’s gonna drive you home, tonight

Bye baby… bye baby… bye baby… bye baby…

Who’s gonna hold you down, when you shake
Who’s gonna come around, when you break

You can’t go on, thinkin nothin’s wrong
Who’s gonna drive you home, tonight
Ohh, you know you can’t go on, thinkin, nothin’s wrong
Who’s gonna drive you home, tonight…

Bobi Belle says:

Love Benjamin <333333 +BABYLEMONADE013 

Vlad Petrov says:

The Cars – Drive

sasha likov says:


Manuel Bosco says:

The Cars – Drive
( 1984 )

L. Kline says:

this song is so depressing :

I still like it though :)

msmithstud says:

this takes me back to 1984 & watching Friday Night Videos & Night Tracks
Chartbusters on TBS every Saturday night

James Valenti says:

RIP Benjamin Orr. May your spirit live on

u7498 says:

@L. Kline…I agree

Tatiana E says:

Is anybody as attached to this song as I am

chalkitdowm says:

Thanks for driving us home for so many years, Will Leahy!

Katey Leuning says:

One of my favorite songs ever….

synths colors says:

When Candy Voices, Power Drums and Sweet Deep Warm Synths Gonna Drive Us To
Our Dreams….! SWeet Pure Delight !

Tomer Abramson says:

less than 1000000 views??? no way!

Debora Rangel says:


Zamaruki says:

Pork pie…

TheyCallMeTheSwede says:

I just love that the song is so universal. I felt like a song like that
everyone can relate to. The song does make me think of my ex.

grimlund says:

This song is so amazing. Its so sad that this guy is dead now. 

michael houshower says:

Touching and I Love It!!

D. BOGART says:

epic song!

Michael Parker says:

some songs have such an individual atmosphere….they shift you to another

asean kelly says:

You wanna talk about feelings music lol this right here will make you miss
your crush that you never spoke to

Risteard Mac Fheorais says:

love the bass and the synth washes…

Wendy van Ipkens says:


Bernadete Abder Rahim says:

somente amoooooooooo

Dee Liteful says:

I always thought for the longest time that Foreigner sung this because The
Cars seemed too obvious lol

Lorgio Pieper says:

* – *
“Who’s gonna drive you home tonight?”

Michael Leite says:

one of my first crushes..Paulina P

Rouss Leah says:

Damn Love this song!!!!

Maria Joao Ferreira says:


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