The Dirt Radicals – Pop-Punk Left Me In A Pop-Funk (Official Music Video)

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The 3rd single off The Dirt Radicals sophomore release, Enter Destroyer. Available on iTunes: B…


Dika Ananto says:

this video reminds me how long i’ve been listening to thiis band..
masashi with his yellow SG – the pugs – saw – come back with the dirt and
till now..
yes this band is one of my favorite bands and will always be..

Ridzuan Sulong says:

Will always be listening to this band. From pugs to sawloser til now. Keep
it up! -Ridzky

matthew tuppen says:

gah, right in the nostalgia. 

Lucas Lim says:

should have more views awesome song!

Kristianity says:

great song. nuff said.

The Dirt Radicals says:

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