The Last Time (2006) (Starring Michael Keaton, Daniel Stern, Brendan Fraser)

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FULL RARE out-of-print indy film starring Michael Keaton, Daniel Stern, Brendan Fraser & Amber Valletta. Cutthroat salesmen, craziness, and a good script. No…


Mindfultranslations says:

I was really surprised to find this quality of a movie on youtube. Movie
was very interesting. From moment one, I knew the honey trap was there. I
just didnt know how she was going to be used. What i got out of this was
that its whats inside that makes a person. Keatons character was literature
and teaching. Even the fake bozo had drawing skills. Thats where the real
fuel, value, is; within ourselves. When the girl gets old, takes off after
more bread, when the guy falls for a new trap,the car rusts, house falls
apart. unless we’ve invested in ourselves(in fact it was a slogan in the
managers office), we tend to turn to self destruction. I know its not easy
to resist beauty and wealth. Yet, they are all temporary. 

Dan Flynn says:

Where one starts as the happiest, is where one ends up returning. :) Great
movie. Great acting. Can I ever relate to Keaton’s part. Again, ‘great
acting’ for the El Keaton. 

Mick Fraser says:

Guessing this 2027

All people will be sales people.

Susan White says:

Not the greatest plot. It had stars, but that’s about it. 

Howie Doit says:

Very much enjoyed this. I had the ending pegged all wrong … I was
pleasantly surprised. Thank you for this treat. 

Robert Patrick says:

Gotta hand it to the writers,what Keaton said about women is spot-on.

Hazi Dead says:

Not bad, but overstretched and boring for the most part. The movie is all
over the place. The only saving grace is Keaton.

Lime Green says:

Why have I never heard of this movie? ….crickets. I love Brendan Fraser.
And Michael Keaton is super hot! And Amber, you were always a surprisingly
good model turned actress. I’ve seen you in other films, but for some
reason did not see you in this one. The storyline so far is worthy of all
actors. I haven’t finished the movie yet though. No spoilers please.

Easy Aspi says:

I’m only in this for the first ten minutes and this is true to life about
sales. I’ve been here. I’ve been like the new sales guy who goes to New
York to make it. Keaton IS exactly like the go-for-the-jugular sales
manager types in tech sales. From the script to production, the way its
edited, the music cues–everything–this is an OUTSTANDING MOVIE. Once in a
while I get lucky at YouTube. :)

Thanks a million for sharing this!

Robert Ternes says:

I loved the ending – what a surprise!

Barry Greybeard says:

WOW! Very good movie, although a little draggy in spots. The ending was
totally unexpected. Definitely not the one I had worked out. Well worth the

Emily Mervyn says:

Frame Up, Meany……anyone?

Demetre Flessas says:

Once you get through Keatons annoying gum chewing the movie is great. The
ending was crazy!!!!!

Beth DGracia says:

good movie; lying and deceiving happens in both sides, and always for the
same reason … money, money, and more money.

Paul Mylast says:

Yes, unrespecting ending :) I was thinking that they would just “swap”
lives/roles. I love movies with twists, wish they had some with out the
foul language.

C. Nguyen says:

The plot was at 1:11:20? 

sweetnight1980 says:

interesting movie. you gotta be a shark i guess…good ending.

A Estes says:

Really good …. unique ending for sure. I would recommend watching for

Melissa Sniecinski says:

Worth watching. :)

AnThOnY DIAS says:

She is fucked up lol

AuSableBrownie says:

The problem with this opening 20 minutes if the garbage talk is too thin.
Up the frequency and crudeness and you have a great script.

kickboxer says:

Really enjoyed this movie. Keaton was brilliant

MrClemente1980 says:

That was a pretty good movie.

Griffith Harland says:

“There is no such thing as a ‘Salesman’ but only a ‘Buyer! Most companys
know what they’re after before you walk in the door, it’s to you to sell
the better product and why. “

Lawrence Lugar says:

this was kind of a weird movie, it kind of felt poorly done. a rating of
6.2 on IMDB…felt more like 5.8

Colin Manuele says:

good watch – worth your time !!

Johnny LeRose says:

This is a story about us & the great culling, & the simultaneity of cause &
effect, & no matter what end of it we’re on, we are all responsible. There
is no cremation of care…period.

Vivienne Sharma says:

Michael Keaton, soooo handsome and sexy! Thank you for uploading x

Roger Wilco says:

This movie was very, very well done. Great script. Sales is like this. I’ve
been in several sales positions, and it’s ALL about sales. Interesting plot
device characterization in that the top sales guy was never shown closing a
sale. :) Brenden Fraser was OUTSTANDING! Looks like State of Louisiana gave
the moviemakers a deal.

Yukari Takenaka says:

Very nice movie

Frank Zhang says:

The key to not feeling lonely is to love yourself.

videopartisan says:

The Last Time (2006) (Starring Michael Keaton, Daniel Stern,

diddy c says:

Good movie but do not like the ending tho…

Mike O'hearn says:


Catherine White says:

Really enjoyed this movie, particularly the ending. Sure didn’t see that

Ines Kolar says:

Damn Goooooood Movie !thanks !!

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