The New Rambo Trailer

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With Wednesday 13!


DawgYoDawg says:

They should either stop making these or make 1 really ridicolous rambo. The
first rambo was by far the best and the last was the bloodiest but it had
no stealth except the one part with the neck which was pretty cool. Don’t
think that the new one will be better than the first. Oh and btw they
should call the next movie Grambo.

zombieflayer666 says:

i HATE that band. Wednesday 13 is a bitch.

MyrdinAnnoth says:

Rrr Aaa Mmm Bbb Ooo RAMBOOO

redray09 says:

this movies gona kick ass

Xr3tch3dm16x says:

stallone is badass. end of story.

DonJohann says:


dh5567 says:

who was the dumbass who picked out the song?

andyroo89 says:

What is he suppose to get younger?

Jesse Coppella says:

yeah it was wtf

whathumpwhatknockerz says:

oooo, now you are so brave! HAHA! Next time stand up before you get your
ass kicked. It may still hurt, but at least you have honor. Wadda’ ya’ say
triskul? bwwahahahaha! i keep my word.

tonderus says:

dude just because its called rambo doesnt means it fits the movie… the
song is 3/5 but what im saying is that they should have put a more
waraction-like music

frank358fr says:

wtf, I just said, music sucks, my opinion dont fuck around!

Will Peart says:

serisously.. Frank is really hardcore.. When he isn’t assasinating people
.. he is using the internet to voice opinions and checking out the prices
for DVD’s and shit.

sorryimguilty says:

…whats the bands name that made that song??…murderdolls?

SuperChevy446 says:

lol i swear if u dint see this clip but heard the song you would think it
was a kidds show lol R-A-M-B-O RAMBO RAMBO lol but aye i cant w8 for it

guitarfreak04012 says:

and he also rips a guys stomach open with his knife ^.^

Chris Ridenour says:

it’s not a remake you dipshit it’s the 4th in the series learn your fucking
cinema shitdick

Jared Presley says:

what happened? were some of the scenes reshoot? the scene with him talking
to that one dude sounds totally different.

Andrew Battye says:


Germanduderules says:

does any 1 know the oraginall song for the trailer?

mejiseike says:

this should be a remake not a new one first blood was the BEST the rest
kind of sucked

frank358fr says:

You fucked with the wrong guy!!

ocruadlaoic says:

its hard to fuck up an eighties style combat movie; machine guns +
ridiculously big explosions and cheesy one liners…i dont know why they
stopped makin them now all the war movies have stupid political
messages….unleashed violent grandeur!!!!!!!!!….rambo rulez!! next up
MIA 5 or 6 or whatevers next….fuckin chuck norris!!!!

JamRaz87 says:


joostisabelle says:

stone cold

Chris Ridenour says:

ahhhhh the song is originally by Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 –
Rambo but Wednesday 13 (The lead singer) re-did it with his solo group now
I think it’s just Wednesday 13 – Rambo

mah921u says:

who all hates rambo they fucked up

p1n0yXer says:

can you believe that this guy is 61??? THAT”S INSANE!!

villevalo8 says:

Anyone know that name of this song by and Chance ? It’s awesome in my own

spadastunter says:

lol dude, this is the nextt rambo movie to come out. they were ment to be
finished but they made another one

hab1b1 says:

he has a lisp with “sumsing” lol. also, hes old….i hope this movie turns
out good

sarge777 says:

hell yeah man nuff said

kerry lucas says:

not really theres been 3 other rambo movies before this one

sarge777 says:

he means how the fuck would you know how much fucking money we make..
besides you cant get that much money.. your poor. wanna know why i know
this? i can back it up with facts. your mom.. really cheap whore and your
house is fucking terrible when i fucked her last night. she told me you
lived in the basement and all you do is jack off to gay porn

PitoDaddy says:

A 61-year-old Rambo…I’ve got to see this shit.

proskatershawn says:

Thats stupid theres already tones of rambo and they call it rambo like it
was the first one…they should call it rambo 6 or I dont know

psykometal says:

the trailer looks pretty good the song is really gay though. sounds like
wednesday 13 from murderdolls fame.

Kyle Johnston says:


TomahawkWarfare says:

doesnt rambo look cool as an old(er) guy?

hulldanny says:

fucking sickooooo

narutolinkinparkRUL3 says:

lol r-a-m-b-o song wuz funny

wierddude123 says:

i liked that movie

julian725 says:

ok, he might have been too old Rocky but he will never be too old for
Rambo, nobody is too old for Rambo

mah921u says:

I AGREE With you

Kyle Johnston says:

hows that it dont fit rambo? its called RAMBO!

Hammer SmashedFace says:

Wednesday 13 from freakin’ Murderdolls?!?! Cool! (though i’ve never heard
them play

Clemente Quinones says:


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