The Other Woman Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Nicki Minaj Comedy Movie HD

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EMINEMan100™ - #1 Source For Daily Remixes says:

Nicki minaj in a movie? oh god..

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Le Face says:

Been there, done that, just look up “John Tucker Must Die”. Thank you good

…maybe if it had less Nicki Minaj.

Raven Wood says:

Yes, I know people dont like it as much because nicki is in it, but she
doesnt have an important part, she seems more of an extra and a pointless
character, like rhianna in battleship so lets just get on with it..

naved0589 says:

I’ll stick with John Tucker Must Die.

Jay Sanchez says:

I can’t take Nicki serious as a singer what makes them think I will as an

TheTekksetter says:

another movie that turns strait women into lesbos 

Fatima Gelani says:

“No you can’t have my husband and my brother thats being very.. greedy”

Love that part!

Fangirl1502 says:

Nicki Minaj actually didn’t annoy me in this. Is this movie this generation
of First Wive’s Club and She Devil?

Madina PhM says:

Love Nicki <3

TheWaviieNinqa says:

people are hating on the movie because Nicki in it, just like how their
hating Tyler Perry’s Temptation because of Kim.
That’s sad…

Bigkingmonster408 says:

How the hell did Jamie lannister grow his hand back?

LighteningXT9 says:

What’s the point in having Nicki in the movie is she is less than a
supporting character? this movie doesn’t seem like it’s about Nicki being
friends with the white girl it looks like it’s just about these white girls
being cheated on and becoming friends and Nicki is just there to be the
token background cameo.

Alix Thomas says:

Really want to watch this movie, but then again Nicki Minaj is in it!

TeknoRadz says:

Lady Gaga’s boyfriend is so damn gorgeous..

healer od says:

king slayer

Sabina Mahmood says:

This kind of reminds me of John Tucker must die,I mean like especially with
the hormones thing aswell. Just like an updated and older version of it?…

Bader says:

OMG Taylor Kinney ( Lady Gaga boyfriend ) in this movie

NelichXCandii says:

I LOVE NICKI! :) I’m definitely seeing this!

Johnson Le says:

this is basically John Tucker must die ….

carlo diaz says:

It looks like Mean Girls: Grown-Up Edition

Ambar Munoz says:

gosh!! I cant wait for this movie to come out!

gianni asante says:


April Quirke says:

Even just the trailer made me laugh. Pluss this has sone amazing
acters/actresses in it :-) 

M917 says:

so pretty much the adult version of John Tucker Must Die…. I like. :)

BoxxedHobo says:

“We should kick him in the balls!” “I really like how your brain works, but
I think we’re going for something a little bit bigger.” loooool omg that
line XD I am so gonna see this when it comes out in theatres

emma fadire says:

This is like “John Tucker Must Die”

waterjack3 says:

i prefer my movies without nikki.. smfh

Taneka Dixon says:

A movie that looks like it will be really funny.


Nathan Deplue says:

I saw that creature from the deep minaj and the pampered brainless upton
and left… industry is over..

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