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The Sound of Music is a 1965 American musical film directed by Robert Wise and starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. The film is based on the Broad…


Mike Spinak says:

Sad news. Maria von Trapp, the last surviving member of the von Trapp
family that *The Sound of Music* was based on, has died. I’m glad that her
family escaped from the Nazis (as did my own family) and lived to tell
their tale, to inspire us all.

felixbautista says:

Excellently assembled ! Thank you for all your efforts.

zoltangz1 says:

Great job in putting together this video. Just this past weekend ABC aired
the original film version of the Sound of Music… what wonderful memories
to see and hear it again. I had the privilege back in 1978 to visit the
places this movie was filmed and to see the inside of this Cathedral where
the wedding scenes were taken. What a magnificent place, scenery and lovely
gardens. Julie Andrews is a great Dame even today, but she was so
beautiful, especially with her wedding gown back then. Such a lovely lady
and personality. We were truly blessed to have known all in that movie in
our lifetime.

xman4un says:

…probably my first memorable movie experience in 1970 when it returned to
movie cinemas. Simply a movie with cinematrography and lyrics filled with
rich happiness, light and suspense. I’ll never forget the cinema
intermission prior to the second half, leaving me as a 5 year old revelling
about what was to come. It seeemed like a lifetime that day!

mysticoversoul says:

This is one of the few stage musicals that have been very successfully
brought into the big screen. Memorable film production with a terrific

Cintia Saba says:


Dale R. Gonyea says:


Noemí Mirta Vasquez Vasquez says:

La Novicia Rebelde

Zacronzer Zetto says:

did anyone know all the song in this film (i don’t know every of them)

Kloey Montgomery says:

If Gretel is 5 and their mom died 7 years ago, who is gretel’s mother?

justine modek says:

so sad

5161able says:

I lost count as to how many times I have watched this movie… awesome! :D

Ivo Cardoso says:

Post the complete movie, please!

Kathy Turner says:

love this movie and all the singing

Jaris Dunyon says:

This is my most favorite movie/musical of all time. None other compares. :)

Muwanika Diana says:

Love these tracks plus the movie it’self

Karishma Rajesh says:
asdfgty671 says:

what is the name of that song that julie and captain vontrapp danced too at
the party? connie

flywithme712 says:

When the Captain and the children sing The Hills Are Alive, are the actual
cast members that play the children singing it? Or is it a voice over from
a choir or something?

singers333 says:

One of my favorite movies of all time…such hot chemistry between
Christopher and Julie and Julie has such a beautiful voice..

broadwaycal99999 says:

I just found out I’m playing Brigitta Von Trapp in a community production

Sanjeev Panandikar says:

The best film in my opinion, very graceful and dignified characters. Great

Richard T Sigholz Sigholz says:

What a talented lady just lovey.

BloodyMary4All says:

my childhood :)

Patricia Harold says:

This brings back a lot of good memories of being able to stay up late a kid
when this film was on. Thank you for sharing!

Camila Gonçalves says:


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