The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony

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Pre-VEVO play count: 22581204 Music video by The Verve performing Bitter Sweet Symphony.


Tuberuser187 says:

Great band, shame they have always been so troubled and unable to work
together for long.

Graeme Russell says:

tune :)

D Thomas says:

A classic. Gorgeous. 

Kaela Dahl says:

Haha. Seahawks intro music… Dee dee dee dee dee dee dee

Lord Gærneheia says:

Well is any curious about what´s the meaning of it all.. For you have to
feel free before you know what he is talkin about, but listen to the song a
lil bit more if you can´t understand.. For he says he can change, he can
change but he is here in his best and he is a million different people in
just one… So he says have you ever been down that road you never been
down, that road where you are questioned about why your here and why you
want to keep moving on… Have you ever been down that road? If not then
you dont know what he is talkin about… For he is talkin about a place
nobody want´s to be in, for he is talkin about those people who still
manage to get through very hard problems.. For everybody can change to a
better man, but nobody wants to before its to late… And he says he can
change to something better, just let him do his things for he can change he
change to something better than he is… A very true song, speaks from the
bottom of the heart. It says keep on moving!

John M Kaczynski Kaczynski says:

Fantastic ! But be warned video may cause sidewalk RAGE !!! What were they
thinking ?? ……

Vinny Alemps says:

what song did the Broncos use?

thegrudgesensation says:

adblock says vevo can fuck itself. (I heart this)

Ishmail McGee says:

Those damn Seahawks…

Paola Maisola says:

E andiamo..

chingu69 says:

The perfect song to play at that moment in the ending of Cruel

Olie O says:

Damn, i hope no one gets in the way after the guys join him…

Kay Brown says:

my friend’s husband, a die-hard heavy metal fan, calls this ‘easy
listening’. enough said!

Dieko Montesinos del Barco says:

I learned how not to apologize with this video when i was a kid

hayden whisnand says:

great song. music video ?

hari haridas says:

biggest creeps Delivery best

Shadrac Kadiayi says:

OMG i have been looking for this tune ever since i heard it

marcus mccloud says:

Cruel intentions When kathrine Start crying at the end When They found out
she did coke and anette got revenge for Sebastián

Ramarro Giupplo says:

Walk like a boss!

Dean Southey says:

Im on my knees

superstar50281 says:

this was the first sing we learnt in my high school music class, Aussie

lil loay says:

he looks like he is the boss in (Grand theft auto) !! or something grande !

Baris Albayrak says:


Elias Tapia Muñoz says:


Keith McKenzie says:

Great sound, tune and lyrics. I love this guys voice.

Jennifer Kelly says:

This is what happens when you walk down the street in Glasgow City Centre.

Jack Hostens says:

What’s the music called in the beginning?

cleiton souza says:


Luke Green says:


SaintSoldier1699 says:

This video kept me entertained and the song has a great meaning.

Brian Anderson says:

Great tune!

Carlo Pappi says:

Cruel Intention one love

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