The Wanted – Chasing The Sun

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Haily C says:

Don’t hate me but whenever I go on a TW video, there’s so many hate
comments and rude things like how 1D is better and how they aren’t good at
singing (When they certainly not). Then I go on a 1D video, there’s barely
hate or comments saying The Wanted are better. This kinda makes me think
Directioners are crazier and ruder than us. I’m both a Directioner and a
part of The Wanted Fanmily, but I would never hate on another band.
Don’t hate on me, I’m expressing my opinion on the subject. Well, I bid you
a good day/night.

P.S. Haters need to stop saying TW are copying 1D, TW came before 1D!


Can someone explain me what happens in video clip?

anna thomas says:

they are a lot better then 1D

Cocolino E Praf says:

<3 ! 

Katina Bright says:

You know I always find it funny when I see so much HATE radiating from One
Direction fans who seems to have nothing better to do, but HATE. I know 1D
and TW had their issues, but I’m willing to bet 1D would be quite upset for
more than half of you who has some terrible words coming from you. I mean
if I were them, I would because I wouldn’t be setting the right example.
You have to forgive and move on. The Wanted even said in an interview
before sh*t went down to get The Wanted fans to vote for 1D. Stuff
happens, people move on. I love both The Wanted and 1D, but if you
literally went to their page just to talk crap, I feel sorry for you.
Because you could have taken that time to do something better: donate, help
the homeless, read to children SO MUCH OTHER STUFF. I don’t go to other
people videos to talk about them, I go to them because I am interested in
their music. Like one of the 1D obvious fans comment below said, you need
to leave The Wanted fans alone, yes there are very few who do comment
negatively on 1D vids, but compared to some 1D fans it’s nothing. But I
give you one thing, 1D may have 5-16 year old (some to a lot of immature
female fans), but at least The wanted has (16-any age MALE AND FEMALE)
fans. The Fraternities guys at my college use The Wanted music to host and
remix their music for dances, masquerade balls, house/pool parties.
Because they sing a lot of variety stuff other than simple love and what
girl wants to hear type of music. Their words not mine.

fuck you says:

The wanted sucks ass! We dont want another One Direction.

Alexandra Elena says:

I don’t like the wanted, i mean 1D is better no ofense but this is a really
nice song. 

Erik Berndt says:

*Gasp* They have cutie marks!!

AleksMaric1 says:

Leo Messi body feints brought me here.

nolog23 says:

noooo they cant just stop playing together!!!!!!

Eli Tuberg says:

Easily their best song. Baldy’s voice grates on the ears though

Larissa Almeida says:


Bruno Motta says:

They’re not handsome at all.

Agata Nowak says:

i will be chasing the wanted

Angie Goh says:

Me is really hate the wanted because Henry got curry noodle hair but the
wanted got one bold little boy

Sterre Welts says:

Did the Wanted broke up?!

Victor Maldonado says:

better music of the wanted! ever

Патя Джабраилова says:

Cool! Teen spirit)

Danna Gonzalez Lerma says:

I dont get it

alexandra teixeira says:

Yes because they are separated 😀 

Irena Cylke says:


Bonnie Grude says:

Then why did u listen to it Alexandra

Kajal Gupta says:

I am a fan of 1D but I love the wanted as well

ana sofia campero says:


Marcos Vinicius Régis Maria says:




Ryan Parker says:

1d are rubish

Nokmobile Taweekit says:


Camila Santos says:


Pau Styles says:

Vampires Nathan, Siva, Max, Tom and Jay so sexys :3 love you guys kisses

Vanessa va says:

good song

_Music_Over_Oxygen_ says:

2:53 *_* Holy damn, Nathan <3

NEO SKY Rain says:

good song..nice,,,hello from Armenia

Lupe Werty says:

Is favorite soog i love them tom aAaaaaaaaaaaaa 

Qui Thach says:

Alright i’m tired of this Just shut up whos better 1D or TW alright people
have different feeling alright for those who keep talking about ‘ OMFG The
Wanted sucks 1D is better then why u are even on The wanted channel and for
those who try to protect the wanted who cares man everybody has different
taste of music so just shut up and keep ur feeling to urself and enjoy the

Mariajose Escalante says:

I love this video and all the songs of the wanted

eViNiSSongchannel says:

I wanna sing it all dayc:

Kayla Lejie says:

Wat do umean another 1d the wanted debuted much before 1d okay

Oğuz Han Vural says:

I am Never I am Never Down Perfect Laf mk (:

Artur Filipek says:

Good to ground freestyle football :)

Ciara Griffiths says:

Directioners (I am a directioner) that are hating on the wanted just makes
you look immature the must be talented or liked because they have fans
views likes and fame. 1D would be ashamed to see you being so stupid it’s
like you have nothing else to do. Same goes for TW fans don’t hate on 1D
fans we all have opinions.

chulasweetchica says:

I love this song! They are all cute too! Love me some 1D too ! 

batniqquh bruhh says:

good motivation song

BRBallin1 says:

Am I the only guy in the comments section lol? 

Johnn William Lobo says:

The Best – Chasing the sun :3

Lola Colins says:

this is a best song by them!!! 

Jennifer Elizabeth Edwards says:

I love The Wanted

Erika Pacheco says:

I am pretty sire they aren’t getting back together cause Max and Nathan
were offered solos and Nathan I believe took it

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