Titanium – David Guetta ft. Sia – Official Acoustic Music Video – Madilyn Bailey – on iTunes

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Download this song here: http://smarturl.it/MB_Volume2 Download my original E.P. here: http://bit.ly/MaddyBadHabit Titanium – Originally performed by David G…


Madilyn Bailey says:

30,000,000 views :) Thanks so much for everyone of you!!! <3

007tallguy says:

so much BETTER than the original!

LOVE EYE says:

this has been my favorite version :)

Adele Josserand says:

My favorite version of this song and favorite cover of yours <3
I have it on my phone and listen to it all the time ;)

Katharina Strehle says:

I need to have the piano sheet !!!

yannick el ricardo says:

why do not you come to participate in a program “The Voice” is a broadcast
that takes place in France “Paris”.
you’ll be the most beautiful voice in France.

imagine for a moment , think about it , and contact me.

mad ch says:

OMG i lison to u all the time i play this song because i lve it and i sal u
and i played it and i never lisoned to no on else and i sing with u and i
am like your twins and i love our vocies together!!!! 

Gavriella Genoese says:

np =) u soooo desirve it!

June Kim says:

omg…i got the goosebumps!!! u sing so well!

thecrazygirlrox says:

I’ve been listening to this cover for over a year and it still never gets

Kevin Olvera says:

Nice no real nice

Phong Nguyen says:

nice song, nice voice, nice girl.

ineke van beek says:

Super <3 but I have one tip breath through your nose

cervus becks says:

OMG ! Very very nice voice :D

Julie Aguirre says:

Sing with Boyce Avenue!! Please

Natalie Vargas says:

awesome job, perfect pitch! 😀 :)

Aaron Goodrich says:

it looks like 5,388 people aren’t bullet proof ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Priscila Roa Ramis says:

OMG your voice is amazing!

fad ly says:

nice voice and song….

yesenia olivo says:

I really don’t know whyy it’s coming out like that

Jaack says:

i make music blablablahh check out my recent original 

talha ansari says:

But really likes her voice

jerliany rico peñuela says:

I ♥ Titanium

Mela Pu says:

Your voice are nice

Insa Carstens says:

very nice ♥

Guermache Zika says:

Voice wondrous <3 (y)

99schoolboy says:

Madi, you have the voice of an angel. No one else even comes close. Love

emma paprika says:


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