Top 10 Best Dubstep Songs [January 2014]

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These are some AWESOME dubstep remixes of some popular songs. Remember to leave a like if you enjoy and remember to subscribe for more! Check out my newest m…


Music Life says:

Hello everyone! I was planning on a new video soon and im not sure what
type of mix i should make. I was thinking Top new Remixes?? or maybe an Old
times mix? Give me some ideas!! :)

Music Life says:

Thanks alot +ThingsToDoInAGame for the shout out in your Steeler’s
Monthly Progress Update #9 video! Your videos are amazing, keep up the hard

Music Life says:

Top 15 remixes out!!! Check it out here! Best remixes of popular songs
[March 2014] [Dubstep] [Trap]

Music Life says:

Thanks for all the support on this video everyone! Top 15 remixes of
popular songs coming soon!!

Pharmit24 says:

Subbed! Can i use it for my vids?

antouan kithira says:

Skrillex LOVE <3

Callum Mcculloch says:

yes i think no.10 should be 4

Equalizoar says:

you should upload in HD

Sonoflightio says:

Perfect beginning <3

K1ngCraft says:

Damn son. That third track.. Let me quote a Youtube comment I saw from
2009. “Bass was so hard I jizzed up the walls!”

Red Fane says:

WOW awesome. i liked all of them. Very good job. Can i ask if i can steal
this music from you? hehe :=) <3

5StarGummyBear says:

Most of these are Dubstep Remixes, there are hardly any original Dubstep
songs in this mix! MonsterCat could easily have fit in there, same with
Flux Pavilion

RandomTrollAccount says:

can someone point me to the best dubstep that isn’t overproduced hacky
cover remixed trash?

ForceDFSE says:

Big, Bigger, Top 10 Best Dubstep Songs [January 2014] <3
Love u for creating :3 (Like + Abo!!!)

Phoenix Gamer says:

i thin the radio active remix needs a better bass drop

Henrys Chickenbeats says:

Let the music play – Henry Janssen [Official Music]

Leonardo Alvarez says:

Puro gringo

Masterxexe SC says:

Great remix man nice

Inkvizitor Gnomov says:

Россия одобряет )

DumPlaysGames! says:

My god… if its ok im might use parts of this song for my intro.

jaiden telford says:

One Word……………………… AWESOME!!! Even in 480p!!!!!!!

Joseph Byrnes says:

1.5 speed perfect !

Briggs Jnr says:


mini kri says:

Do you have soundcloud?

Void DG Gamer says:

This dubstep is very fodastic

Deviza S says:

dat nightcore remix doe

Joost Falldorf says:


DragoonRyRs says:

All i see are the mainstream shit dubstep songs that got popular because
they sounded better then the original, wheres the real dubstep?

Serenity Reimer says:

Great! I love it:) FIRST SONG RULES!!!

Ashton Kovach says:

Love the beginning

James Tonkin says:

Best hard music

DJKiller123100 says:

I was happy to learn that many of these songs I own

Visk Nation says:

Come check out our new clan channel

Judy Flores says:


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