Total Eclipse Of The Heart – Sleeping At Last

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gemmasky says:

this cover is amazing!!I love sleeping at last

AttaliaShuzzz says:

You know one of those songs that you don’t want them to end., that you wish
they can keep playing endlessly into infinity…yeah this is one of them!

Love this Cover! Ryan O’neil you did it again !

Marijo Silva Marentes says:

this is SO depressive

Sam Ahmed says:

Now this kind of music can keep me up at night :)

italianstllion93 says:

I want to make a music video to this so bad

Stefan Snyman says:

Bonnie kan gaan slaap!!!

MaryJo Aymara says:

I love this cover, and I love them!
Sleeping at last, you are my perfect match!

lanadelrey88 says:

April & Jackson ♥

Eve VanFalx says:

Did you guys realize that the song in the commercial about Fiber 1 bars and
this song are very alike

Karolina x says:

I have been waiting so long for this song, thank you! ♡

Callie Sinclair says:

Grey’s brought me here :)

Gabriel Castro says:

There isnt music like that nowadays, so sad :,/ Great song, even greater

Jagoda L says:

love it <3 

Beatriz Finol says:

This makes me feel really sad and happy at the same time.

Hannah Lackey says:

Playing this at my wedding, first dance of the bride and groom. 

Raul diego Sousa Pereira says:


Zana Rrmoku says:

i love this cover :)

Shahin Tehrani says:

this is amazing

Stefanie Mayr says:

It’s beautyful <3 !!

Katerina Batze says:

love it

JFiene Fiene says:

This band, does such perfect covers


The vocals are so amazing

GsyGem says:

Beautiful! X

Loredana Mutti says:
Rafaela Sousa says:

Amei essa versão!E essa banda eu sou fã!!!!!!!!

Henrique Elder da Silva Fernandes says:

realmente ficou muuuuuuuuito bom. 😀 eu sou fã da Bonnie Tyler… e como fã
posso dizer que gostei muito desse cover.

Loredana Mutti says:

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