Train – Marry Me

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Music video by Train performing Marry Me. (C) 2010 Sony Music Entertainment.


Mikhail Dancel says:

Who is the lady? Isn’t she from Pitch Perfect?

Heny Mustikasari says:

Tuh kan bener, forever can never be long enough.

I love the conversation how the couple met. Timing, it’s all about

Marisa Wren says:

Marry me, today and everyday, say you will, marry me

Sir Charles says:

*Social Media Dating*
*G+ Crushes*


AnderssonArad says:

i want the unplugged version of this song

Laura Bainbridge says:

want this as my wedding song omg…

Huskylover GamerAJ says:

Did that grandpa say, fly? He’s so fly?? Or wuz that just me lol, I luv dis
song <3

angelasings24 says:

its aubrey! lol that was a surprise

c starr says:

sweet song, Pat :)

buddi masih says:

All the tingly feelings this song gives me <3 

Ellie Bow says:


Chrissie Dodson says:

I love this song :) 

Sonia E says:



love this song 

Jillian Descaro says:

I walked down the aisle to this song! <3 it so much! 

sheryl Cornell says:

She wasn’t talking to you Jose, Marisa dido on the song,; How sweet is this
guy begging for her love. How can you turn down a fellow like that. Some
men don’t know how to be romantic or what to say. Well we lady’s love to
hear it.

Silas Dzombo says:

very nice 

JanieJaneify says:

Seems like a very commercially motivated piece catering to wide-eyed
20-somethings. I’m disappointed. 

Suraj Shrestha says:

Great track

Joe I says:

# 2 from train. and yes I am going to crank it up after we all wake up.

Camilla Grow says:

This will be my wedding song

Naomi Jayalaksana says:

Everything is about timing…

Akshat Singla says:


Ryan Woods says:

You wear white.. and ill wear out i love you

Rhonda Fontaine says:

Beautiful :-)

Christine Ha says:

OMG that girl was in Pitch Perfect I think

徐良甄 says:

Omg!!!that girl!!!!is she in the move “pitch perfect”!!?

Emily Marsh says:

Was the waitress Aubrey from Pitch Perfect or was it someone who looked
like her? 

Nicholas Echevarria says:

Tired of commercials? Just refresh the damn page to skip. lol

Marie France Leyva Garcia says:

she is the girl of Pitch Perfect :O 

tonythetiger1004 says:

Holy stinkin cheese does this stink up the room!

Rosan Shrestha says:

Wish this could be my wedding song…. but i am still single lol

mike monce says:

love this song…. ^_^

shakeel rahim says:

Marry me?anybody?

André Silva says:

Marry me today and every day

Cris Alexandra says:

Anna Camp ♥

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