Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Trailer 2014 Movie – Official [HD]

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Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Trailer 2014 – Official movie trailer in HD – starring Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor – directed by Michael Bay -…


Jeremy King-Hampton says:

Optimus and Galvatron fighting at 1:50??

FreemantheRapper says:

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mitchtickler says:

Mark Wahlberg is the white Samuel L. Jackson… He’s in everything… 

daniel perez says:

all of the transfomers died except for bumblebee and optimous prime the
humans killed them

Disney Paz says:

IM A GREAT MOVIE RATER. So this movie. THAT MOVIE. Will be the best out of
the trilogy. Too bad Bumblebee and Optimus are the only ones left. To my
opinion, they should add Hot Shot. Sideswipe is a great side character so
he should still stay in there

silviu latu says:

the movie its empy without Shia…. :(

plexx365 says:

Please don’t tell me that’s Unicron…please, please, please. Please no.

Jeremiah Mendez says:

1:25 was that Ratchet getting shot

Platinum Swords says:

Synopsis of the trailer: “We don’t need you.” *insert invading army here*”OHMYFUCKINGGODWENEEDYOU!!!!!!” 

Jack Flowt says:

isn’t that galvatron 1:48 ?

Rage says:

what happened to wheeljack,mudflap,skids,jolt,cliffjumper,omega
supreme,metroplex,bulkhead,arcee,eleta 1,chromia,ect.

levar1979 says:

Isn’t that Nicola Peltz (Bradley) Bates Motel?

Reuizi says:

1.13 and 1.29, the same OLD striper dance move,
at least make it look more like robotic move (with 720 degree turn), not
some liquid/fluid human like dance, it not human or women

the Grimlock look HORRIBLE, he should look more to battle of strength, not
some fast movement, that goes to the flying dinobot

SliceofBread123 says:

Why do the humans want to kill them

sexykyuubi says:

So they are idiots. Why even bother taking their service in order to save
their own asses from the Decepticons from taking over their world and
now… they don’t want them, next thing you know they need the Autobots,
and then they gonna do the same shit again.
Like WTF is wrong with you? =w=

[Humans] “We’re retarded”
Oh yeah that says alot.

simon walker says:

Looks good

Marco Pais says:

DinoBots! Ohmergod!

Madhav Menon says:

I for one accept our new decipticon overlords !!!

TIffTiff says:

WTF did I just watch 

Speed King says:


Razorclaw Predaking says:

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aharon vasquez says:

this sucks what happend to the other guy

Ethan Handt says:

Awesome movie can’t wait to see it! Where Lebouf?

Kwstas Nikolaidis says:

GRIMLOCK !!!!!!!!

Danilo Richers says:

So god created man.. And man created transformers, then transformers are a
gift from god Randal!

Bishop Tanare says:

This is crazy!! A new villain!! Watch now

threshold79 says:

all I got to say is dinobots I want them all

Zac Walton. says:

So many movies. I think I got a new hobby!

GoProBro says:

I see a Pagani Huayra and Mark Wahlberg, I like that. What I don’t like is
the whole “we don’t need them anymore” line. This seems to similar to the
last movie. The humans say they don’t need transformers, then the a swarm
of Decepticons show up and the only ones that can stop them are the
Autobots. RegardlessI’ll still give Mr. Bay my money.

parjaree suwanyothin says:

i just love the way Mark Wahlberg talks better than Sam Witwicky.

Aayush Singh says:

Its the Predacons invading along with Unicron

Gabriel Silva says:

Better with main characters

William Thurston says:


Cruz Excahm says:

02:10 T-Rex mode Megatron?

Taylorwest626 says:

why would optimus bitch slap Grimlock? 

Szymon Baranowski says:

They could have at least add new autobots somehow. They are stuck in narrow
borders of main story and with each next part its visible not much left to
make anything interesting from it. No true main character or real core of
story left.

ste jauny oh yer says:

in new york again we just get everything fixed

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