Trap Music Mix 2014 – (1st) February Trap Mix + Aero Chord Guest Mix [EP.29]

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Trap Music Mix 2014 – (1st) February Trap Mix + Aero Chord Guest Mix [EP.29] ✗ Enjoy Episode 29! For today we got you another 1h mix, featuring a 30 minute g…


HouseBootlegParty says:


willybumbumcartoon says:

My room smells like cum.

xCHOPP3R says:


Th4WhiteKnife says:

Enjoy episode 29! For today we got you another 1 hour long mix, featuring a
guest mix by Aero Chord (starting at 31:00) with over 10 unreleased

Abannanapeel says:

This music gets my banana hard….

fiZa_shocKz says:

my nipples need medical assisstance

MrC00kieM0nst3r says:

I was at a party last night, and there was a song, I NEED to know. It
sounded like trap music, without any singing (vocals of I am right) and it
had a deep bass. Does anyone got suggestions please ? :’)
(Sorry if information about the song is little/too wide, this is all I got
:( )

tanki onlinevids says:


TheMental1stOfficial says:

the first song is more on the dubstep side 

Paddzonik YT says:

I want the image! :o

Dexter Ropeta says:

boom panes!

Seventh Creed says:
xXMix09Xx [-CLOSED-] says:


eggncheezy mixes says:

damn, this mix is hot shit.

NizkooTV says:

My first ever trap mixtape up on my channel. Could you give me some
feedback on it? I recently started DJ’ing and I would love to learn more!
Thank you for your time!

BrutalManic says:

Those are some fine mixing skills you got there mate, and the tracks are
well chosen either. Great for while you are gaming, it really did the job

FelipeHGJones says:

hay that’s me at like 28:00 bro. that’s cool i guess.

HaVoK says:

Rap cool

lisek1000 says:

spk 10/10

HaveAnArtAttack says:

Got my fuckin eye on Aero Chord now
holy SHIT that guest mix

Charlesdock says:


ObeyTune says:


Delicate Musiq says:

Really phat mix, buddy! KEEEEEEEEPIIITUUUUUP

Kyle Garrity says:

#TrapMusic Love this stuff!

KiD TyZe says:

Also ich feier die Musik ! *


2Green2Freak says:


Junior Productions says:


Jake Shreves says:

Blew me away o.o

TATT Instrumentals says: you love trap music you love
this <

Franke609 says:

#InTrapWeTrust ! ..My birthday is tomorrow, Thanks for this!

( ͡° ͜ʖ͡°) Zevi Rubin says:

roses are violet, red is blue, trap broke me, and its coming for you ( ͡°

TheCookieGamerzz says:

Really good music, your the best man, liked!

bFg says:

Intro song daw 

BKsEditing says:

Great mix!

tanki onlinevids says:

sword oox:{}::::::::::::::>

Ogorinac Armin says:

1st. Song….NAMEEE????….

Mrdobbod says:

holy shit 1 hour during orgasm

threestugz says:


Grant Wiseman says:

56:25 i was born to listen to this song… someone help me find it!

Admiral Fujitora says:

where can i find it?

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