twenty one pilots: Truce [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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twenty one pilots’ music video for ‘Truce’ – an ode to 2013 – from the full-length album, Vessel – available now on Fueled By Ramen. Visit http://twentyonepi…


Jadie Love says:

Am I the only one who thinks they are like sooo good looking? x3

StevenVaDePa says:

This is the first song I heard in 2014 and I don’t regret that

Timothy Wynia says:

So beautiful and touching.
twenty one pilots: Truce [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Nick Hall says:

There music is like psychotic art, this one was somewhat normal though,
still a masterpiece

mcr5090 says:

Can’t wait to see them tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Silvina Margall says:

this is the first time I listen to this band, I liked it!!! Nice music

Josh McNenny says:

I’ve decided this is the song I will play at my funeral. Not too depressing
but not exactly upbeat either

Ryan Lowery says:

This the first band I’ve ever like their whole album…

benjamín Mérida says:

wlfkajdjajfjj it’s beutiful ansnansjjsbah <333

Kristen Padilla says:

This is still the only song that manages to make me cry from first note
being sung. Their music is very different and that’s an amazing thing.
Twenty One Pilots is such an inspiration to me. 

Shayla Pham says:

I want that shirt.

TheGirlWithTheMagicalHair says:

I love how it was released on the last day of 2013… It gives it a nice
meaning and it matches the song… I love it.

Reilly O'terry says:

Is it just me, or this song impossible to stop playing over and over and

Ermer Elizondo says:

Stay alive, for me… 

Niki TM says:

This is what I call real music, with real feelings, real messages and real
people singing.

Katie Foster says:

I have seen them twice and would gladly go to another concert!!!! AMAZING
ARTISTS! Tyler is more than just a singer. He is a poet. Every song has
incredible lyrics that are so meaningful. BY FAR MY FAVORITE BAND EVER!!!!!

Angel Nd Jaqui says:

Amazing voice !! :”((( i dont care if im a girl i WANT his voice! hes my
inspiration !

Amber Williams says:

This is such a beautiful song.

saschamee says:

9 days till i’ll see them live!! :D

Isaias Hidalgo says:

Migraine needs a video

alex huerta says:

that shirt tho!!

Megan Dyson says:

They are my happy place

Eduardo Godina says:

Honestly one of my favorite songs now migraine still #1 but great song.
Cant wait to see it live.

Haus of Miklaus says:


Christian Sosa says:

Wish i could see them live but i live in central america . . . .

Gabi Sylvester says:

The footage of the concerts…where were they at?? I was at the Fillmore
Detroit. Just wanted to know which one(s) this video shows.

Jon David says:

Migraine & Fake You Out needs a Music Video :’O

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