U2 -INVISIBLE- (new song 2014)

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From the new album 2014.


Zsófia Balogh says:

Much better than Ordinary love!!!

Donatien Sade says:
Punky Brewster says:

Not the U2 of old. Not even the U2 of new .
A once great band who threw caution to the wind, festering in the depths of
mediocrity. Bono’s vocals show the strain of years on the big stage. Going
by this, sadly, the changing of the guard is nigh.

HappyPlumz says:

So Glad Muse & U2 Are Still A Band <3

John Husband says:

The musical arrangement is very reminiscent of other songs by other
artistes. There is no originality here just Irish egoism.

qwer8907 says:

i enjoyed the song cannot complain better then ordinary love looking
forward to u2 new album

Rieks Folgerts says:

I think as far as i can remember when U2 came out with something new: ‘ U2
is finished, lame U2 is all over…blabla. And when the album’s out…All
great and still the biggest. How long is this going on?

Eric S says:

I’m ready for the return of U2……are you too? ;)

B Mac says:

No more what sounds they use,U2 always sounds like—U2. LOL 

James Del says:

There is no ‘them’, only ‘us’. :)

James Fisher says:

If the album is released on April 14 it would be a perfect pre birthday
present for me as my birthday is on the 16th.

Johnny Samara says:

U2 is truly our own Beatles! They write hit after hit after hit and make it
look so easy.
Go U2!!!

Benjamin Clark says:

I like it but it’s a little paint-by-the-numbers U2. Though they have
released a lot more songs that are much more safe than this one. 

Josée Lapointe says:

Grieve but it’s a copy paste Coldplay

julie clark says:

i beg to differ ,bono still has a great voice ,its just more mature 

Lester Hubcap says:

: I can’t stand the sight of Bono but today I heard this song and
immediately wanted to know more …

Peter Buchan says:

Brilliant song

bonnie43uk says:

Ahhh, goose bumps up the back of my neck!! U2 are back.!!

antonio villacci says:

new ….song ….2014 ….


I love U2, but frankly this sounds pretty MOR to me. As much as I hate to
say it: Maybe their best days are behind them, musically speaking? Don’t
get me wrong, it’s still stuff you can listen to, but something is missing
on thier last few albums. Maybe they just gotten too old to really wow me.
Or maybe I did.

Kelly Draper says:

I love this song so very much. IT’s a sexy song 

Karen Krueger says:

Pfffffffftttttttt! U2! Go back to the old days!!!!! Stop with this!

CZMephisto1973 says:

I agree with John Husband opinion. Radio stations always play this kind
music. U2 should have been split just after zoo tv tour in 1992-3. The
band still doesn’t better their last best album…….Achtung Baby.

giallo458 says:

a touch of new order krafty at start? good track infinatley its u2

U2 Bass Traps - The Tribute Page says:

The new album will be released during summertime 2014 or after summertime
sometime said Bono.

AbbeyRoadkill1 says:

What a great song. U2 is something else.

Jay Bod says:

don’t know what to make of this release, another one for us Joshua Tree
fans to endure ?

aviansoul says:

Props on another damn good song! As usual, sounds like its been around

Anindya Rakshit says:

Great new song from U2….u guys rock…old is still Gold…waiting for the
new albym

Merlin Llamas says:

Finally the real song…sheeshh :DDD

Mireya Barba says:

YESSS! I’ve been looking everywhere for the real deal. Thanks!!!

Scott O'Sullivan says:

U2 is U2 no one else ,how can people compare ! they come out with their
Bono states we as U2 fans deserve a Great albumn not mediocrty , listening
to them since 1979 they always switch it up! Edge loves coming up with new
sounds! Larry also stated he doesnt want to be part of a crap band! Its U2
and thats it! Influenced by producers but ultimately its the Band! Thank
God they are Four Great Friends and have lasted this long! They have been
the soundtrack to my life so far!
Nothing like being at a U2 show and being taken to another level for a few
Keep it coming my Dublin Brothers from other Mothers!

27shocking says:

Its ok, similar to beautiful day but not as good. They tend to have better
songs on the album than the obvious singles. 

robert palfi says:

great presentation of fine music

fergusil says:

U2 *for RED* what does that mean?

John Connor says:

Brilliant song from U2, wow!!

joseph269 says:

There’s only You
And there’s only Me.

Graham Drinkell says:

Brilliant stuff as usual- why the bullshit?

TheDownToEarthMan says:

I saw U2 live once!
/ Spoiled for concerts for the rest of my life :(

giuseppe Sperti says:

bono copy dave gahan same style ..?

Radiophonic says:

U2 is back…!

Saul Roisentul says:

I love u2

xdevilx86 says:

this is awesome. its what i’d expect of the u2 i fell in love with. im not
an expert by anyone’s measure though. but as an individual who likes and
dislikes things, i can attest that i find this awesome.

Lullaby Babs says:

They aren’t my fav U2, they rested in Berlin or in Sidney in 1993, but they
are the U2 that I learn to love and I love them so much!! (also I still
miss Zootv 😉 

beatlemania lennon says:


carlien Leijrik-Dekker says:

perfect new song!!
can’t wait for the new album

Nick Gile says:

no such thing as coincidences…ironically every year a new U2 album is
released that year becomes extra memorable

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