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Download here: http://smarturl.it/U2Invisible The official video for ‘Invisible’, directed by Mark Romanek. Shot in black and white, in a Santa Monica airpor…


U2 says:

‘Invisible’, the video, directed by Mark Romanek

It’s here – the official video for ‘Invisible’, directed by Mark Romanek.
It was shot in black and white, in a Santa Monica airport hangar.
Maybe you caught the sixty second premiere clip on Feb 2 during the Super
Bowl, launching a partnership with +(RED) and +Bank of America in the fight
against AIDS. In 36 hours downloads of #U2Invisible raised more than $3m.
All proceeds from ‘Invisible’ on iTunes continue to go to +(RED) for the
Global Fund. Download here http://smarturl.it/U2Invisible Watch here:

kezia king says:

I love U2 so much! >3



Silvia Lac says:

I am more than you know, more than you see…..I´m not INVISIBLE! Beautiful

Rossana Pereira says:

U2 Invisible. Lançamento

teri powell says:

O.M.G THIS is a really good song!!! 

Alessandro Tanzini says:


Luyen Dao says:

Them old farts are still going strong…been many years since Boy!

jeff4justice says:

Directed by Mark Romanek. That’s why I’m remembering “Are You Gonna Be My
Girl” by Lenny Kravitz and “Free Your Mind” by En Vogue. The lights!

Katherine Boyes says:

This came on the radio today as I was driving along the outback plains.
Luckily the cops weren’t around because the speedometer got a life of its
own. NOT from excitement; anger.

I was thinking what an awful song to write for his wife; because that’s who
he always writes his songs for. At least that’s what he tells the world,
isn’t it?

I was remembering ….

Remembering how he stood right in front of me for about three hours, twice,
without even smiling once.

Remembering the snarl on his twisted face.

Remembering how he dragged that supermodel skank of Hutchence’s out for a
night on the Sydney town after his concert. Caught by a photographer
holding hands.

Remembering how Elton John’s mongrels denied knowing me outside the Sydney

Thinking what an angry little coal miner this mongrel looks like these
days; probably because all he’s ever done is dig dirt.

Thinking ‘who gives a fuck what your name is or what it was, or whatever
the hell you’re talking about’?

Thinking what a liar you are because you never had a heart to begin with.

Knowing that all you ever really cared about anyway was keeping your
greedy, grubby little hands on your credit card to swipe down any whore’s

Wondering how many brownie points the top guns of the Illuminati almost
gave you for nearly scoring someone they’d created a complete myth around
because she was born in a place called the ‘pink shell’.

Thinking how pissed off you are because of that ….

And how the top guns took you under their vampire wings and gave you
special treatment after that.

Then I switched off the radio half way through the song and put on some
classical music. Meh.

David Hobson says:

Bono & U2, I seriously doubt we shall be seeing you any time soon. We are
after all invisible, sons of our Father. You are however, quite visible and
are your you. We are them and are doing quite well and we say to you a
resounding “Anathema Maranatha!” as we toss your Clavicula Nox into a deep

Jorge Guerra says:


Chris Manning says:

Love the words, really makes the song.

Jorge Daniel says:

The proceeds of the song will go to RED, a fund to fight AIDS. Nice scheme.
Since Red belongs to Bono, the money remains with him. But to the public
eye it looks like charity. 

Marvin Rowe says:

…You don’t see me but you will…I am not invisible.

Corteo Feddie says:

This is my favorite song right now… U2 been In the game for some years
and still remain fresh and relevant

Rafael Cardona says:

Yeahhhhh :)

A van de louw says:

With or without watching the video..this song is awesome, wo00www! I love
this song!

jpquadra says:

again U2,… again!

mew0359mark says:


AndTheRoadGoesEverOn says:

Oh, tease. Can’t wait for the new album this summer. U2 = fav band of all

Cal Reddington says:

One of my favorite u2 songs

Matias Vasconez says:



“They Melt Away, Your face like snow”…. sigh…..

MrTosco123456789 says:

This is so diferent from what i would expect from u2

Aleksandar Delic says:

Try to listen song without watching video. Nothing special. Sorry

Stefano Pastorelli says:

welcome U2!!!!!!!!!!

Maurice O'Connell says:


Juan Casillas says:

Man how is that to this day, U2 still impresses me? It’s just one of those
bands that never go downhill.

leah g says:

what took u guys so long..the best as always

Irida Chrystal says:
Frank Ansorge says:

One of my favorite new songs from U2… You guys are still amazing after
all these years… 

Filippo Biagiotti says:

BONO….sexy person! (concert in Milan at 2005)

Aham Wiezer says:

Its a bunch of flashing lights and a narcissist midget singing . get over

Cristina Pace says:

Buongiorno in RED ;)

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