Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (The Official 2010 FIFA …

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Shakira’s new single, “Can’t Remember To Forget You” ft Rihanna, out now on iTunes http://smarturl.it/ShakiraCRTFY?IQid=syt.


lizel vargas says:


Joe Springfield says:

Soccer is gay

Shakira is a slut

Africa is full of niggers… 

Hajar Mesaoudi says:

What a peacefull song |=)

MrCaptainXXJack says:

if it wasn’t for football, Shakira wouldn’t have been as popular as now!

Ana W. Agosto says:

+jPerez coming from the one with a demonic symbol as a profile picture

J Perez says:

Shakira = illuminati/ Satanic Puppet. TRUTH

Ana Makhuli says:

Brazil !

FaZe Apex says:

I like how at the end it zooms in on her tits lol

Radovan Želonka says:

waka waka :) :) :) nic moc ale paci sa mi

KatCrafts'N'Games1233 says:

I love this song!!!! I remember when not first came out :3

Hellkatla Tarkheena says:

I liked most 0:03 in the video 😀

Ryan lowe says:

halay çektim bu şarkıya.

Egli Hysa says:

Football unites the world! <3

Elena Taneva says:

Does anyone knows the song for Brasil?

Ioannis Kapodistrias says:
Matilda V says:

This is the sweetest song..

butt adeel says:

nice song

Boran Özer says:

first listen shakira th rihanna 

shawn Gary says:

wow what are wonderful song !
i like it

john flynn says:

Fuckin France cheated Ireland out of the World Cup

Ben Orozco says:

i bet she’s never kicked a ball in her life

Enas Shaafi says:

Now that is the real Shakira with the hot dancing and the good moves not
the way she is now dancing with the devil half naked trying to look good
smoking and showing her ass. Sometimes I wish…well I always wished for
that bitch A.K.A Rihanna (I prefer bitch) to really fuck off of Shakira’s
good music and stop making it look & sound like shit coz its really pissing
me off. If only she used to be that talented dancer she used to be.

saiman lolovish says:

waka waka matherfuckers

Sasha Sambegova says:

I love Pece and Messi

Gašper Krže says:

to bad she won’t have one for this year’s world cup :'(

MrAéro assaut says:

1 2 3 viva l’algerie

Aleksey Ochmysh says:

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