Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

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Music video by Whitney Houston performing I Will Always Love You. (C) 1999 Arista Records, Inc & Viacom International Inc.


viscosin12 says:

You…. my darling you!!!! :(

Sekar Wangi says:

please don’t cry :’)

Eori Eszter says:

because it is simply beautiful….

Beatriz Bonet says:

Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You: http://youtu.be/3JWTaaS7LdU

johnathan green says:

Best female singer ever

Renata Billerova says:

beautiful song …<3

TevitaDiary says:

How come they dont make songs like this anymore?

Irma París says:

♡I will always love you♡

vic mackey says:

Dolly made this song. Whitney made it classic. 

Trang Nguyen Thi Huyen says:

So touchy! Cry-by-every-note! 

Aniya Taylor says:

Everybody sing this tomorrow to a special someone.

rachid eloutmani says:

four you

Betty Churchill says:

I Will Always Love You was written by Dolly Parton. It never became a big
hit until it was recorded by Whitney Houston. The movie The Body Guard is a
good movie that was made even better by the beautiful songs sang by Whitney
Houston. It is sad to know her beautiful voice will no longer be recording
new songs because of her tragic death. Whitney Houston, I am sure, is in
the care of angels. Betty the Poet

Lukrecija Kuzmanovic says:


RodrigoLexxus says:

1:55 ♥♡

Amaru Shakur says:

She was pregnant in this video

Aleysha Benn says:

1992 brought the release of Whitney Houston’s The Bodyguard soundtrack,
which is still to this day one of the biggest love songs.



Lourdes Peterson says:

R.I.P. you are an Angel.

ili shohe says:

<3 <3 <3

love london says:

omg this is perfect

Debbie Milane says:

Yes Whitney, We will always LOVE YOU!
And yes you gave us the greatest love of all !
Bless You ! 

Bea Kiddo says:

My mom told me that i when i was little (like 4 years old) i used to cry
while listening to this song…
Well i’m 21 now aaand… i still do! 

artemis iosifides says:

To my love yiota

Joe Warcup says:

She broke our hearts. Irreplaceable sweetheart. xxx

jaba maxaradze says:


Tania Betancourt says:

What kind of person doesn’t like this song?! 7,072?!

אושרת דמין says:

i love you (-: forever

sebastian aristizabal says:

beautiful :) I Will Always Love You

maria del carmen pijuan says:



This is a great song. Ashley Williams from x factor song this the best
since the late Whitley. Look her up on you tube .

Sandy Torbet says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Gazia air says:

Forever :))

khaled elgammal says:

strong voice
i’ve listened to this song for 10 years ago but i was not know her name
and i fanilly found her :D

Vusal Sultanli says:

I love you…(((

Joanne Lewis says:

This still gives me the chills, One of the most beautiful songs ever and
nobody can sing it like Whitney.

Надежда Кочур says:

Wonderful! My heart for you! Don’t break….

Maria Rosália Silva says:

l love Whitney

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