William Fitzsimmons – Fortune [Official Music Video]

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“Fortune” appears on William’s forthcoming album Lions available worldwide on Feb 18, 2014 via Nettwerk (Feb 17 in UK/Europe and Feb 14 in Germany via Groenl…


Jon Henshaw says:

Beautiful song and video. Well done :)

williamfitzsimmons says:
Blane Willcut says:

Another superb song! WIlliam has a gift for touching the deepest and most
intimate memories locked away within the heart and soul. Hoping that you
will find your way to Louisville, KY so that I can enjoy your music live!

Jörg Ohlmeyer says:


John Nichols says:

This is unreal, I’m the red head who was lucky enough to be in this video!
I know I always hope the people I look up to are as cool as I imagine, and
William was even cooler. We shot on different days, but he was nice enough
to let me sit in during his shoot and talk to him a bit. The honesty in his
music has been huge inspiration to me as a musician and a human being, and
it has helped me through some dark times. So thanks again for everything
William, you’re the man.

fer c says:

allways great songs and a great bear

Thomas von Welt says:


Tereza Kábelová says:

This is totally perfect!! :)

Lucas Vicentini says:

wowww nice clip!!!!!!

Max Karpenko says:

i suppose, never music was so kind, soft and putting me in beautiful
dreams. thank you, William

Wehavemegapixels says:

This is so beautiful and kind.
Can’t wait for an album!

Tim Smal says:

Well done William, a truly beautiful song and stunning video too. I am
really looking forward to the new record. Thanks for the inspiration and
keep up the good work.

Hristian Dro says:

Cant wait to see u again in Frankfurt , man. Munich was a blast ! hope i
get a photo with ya finally :)) *Stalker alert * :) Keep up the good work

Jeremy Pregent says:


jonas hä says:

William fitzsimmons is at the E-werk in erlangen at the 18.2.14

It’s going to be great

Torin O'Leary says:

Beautiful! Summer can’t get here fast enough

Phillip Lenton says:

Beautiful and calming, thank you

Nick Gambino says:

Your beard is getting vicious Mr. Fitzsimmsons

OnlYMariuss says:

Perfect song and video!

ntairaify says:

I wonder how he’d look without the beard

Austin Feliciano says:

Abby Gunderson singing at the end of the song…so so lovely. Looking
forward to the album.

José Felipe says:

Always Amazing!!!!

Steve Mez says:

very nice, looking forward to the new album. longtime fan.

Farzad Samie says:

Amazing Mr.Fitzsimmons!! I´ve never heard an artist who always delivers
high quality sound/music in every track that he creates, that sounds like
harmony for my ears!

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