Wiz Khalifa – Let It Go feat. Akon [Official Video]

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2013 WMG. Official video for Wiz Khalifa’s single “Let It Go” ft. Akon off the album O.N.I.F.C. Download “Let It Go” on iTunes here: http://bit.ly/onifcitu…


WorldWideStars says:

Just found out my crush is a slut…LET IT GO LET IT GO LET IT GO:(

Rui Pedro says:


James Ghost says:

Wiz Is High On Weed
Akon Is High On Helium..
*Checkout The Remix I Uploaded!*

Corporate Warrior says:

2:13 And now all these haters looking at me pitifully
Cause I’m the shit, literally
Literally ? Really ?

Clishawn Rennie says:

this beat sick

I Thrilla says:

everything i ever did and worked for is simply for the sake of the people!
Holla at my page for some truth.. one love wiz!

Jose Garcia says:

+xoxoxoSkittlzxoxoxo akamizzy 

Logan Ford says:

Those frozen bitches won’t find us here 

J Flex says:

Check out my music on my profile! My songs are doing numbers!

Manos Mylonakis says:

the whole video reminds me of lil wayne’s “how to love”!

i〈3me says:

I was listening to this and looking at a unicorn shirt :3

Aler1953 says:

no frozen no.

Raquan Singleton says:

How could you dislike this?

Max McConnell says:

Is this the new tangleed movie?

Joel Vazquez says:

Let it go. ;)

bflaves123 says:

I bet this song is in the writers of that frozen shit’s most played

Khutso Manganye says:

What it is Wiz

DemonoidFX says:

Wiz you aren’t really illuminati are you? 

Nicholas Holland says:

stop slutshaming. girls don’t deserve that. the amount of sex someone has
with multiple people has nothing to do with you. the amount of sex you have
does not matter to anyone else either. instead of calling a guy a slut for
sleeping with lots of girls, you congratulate him. so treat girls the same

Lyndon George says:

I’m the shit literally ? lol

hola yotmbestoy al pdo says:

wiz- cater says:

wiz khalifa ft akon let it go cote d’ivoire!!!!

ante grgurevic says:

Wiz khalifa and akon, doing it before Frozen 😀 HAHAHA

Jack Tunney says:

O.N.I.F.C is one of wiz’s best albums

Abdi Hassan says:

AKON88n Ps3 acc

Danyy Licona says:

Dis da best

Neung WaterOne says:

Weed Thailand Very Good

James Huntington says:

If this was a bunch of white people then everyone would want then hung up
to dry.

nathanael schirmer says:

hey guys check this video out “beat #1 Jon Blanchard” he just made this
beat his first video and it would be great to get some feedback on what you
think of it and if you think id be a good beat to make a rap to thanks

RobertoMostachoVerde says:

What are you doing here?

olivia helms says:

i didnt realize wiz khalifa and akon were kids XD

Nicoll Mendoza says:


De Vet says:

Soo no backk

Patricia Reyes says:

Perú,Wiz Khalifa♥

g0ag1l says:

listening with the Sony mdr 1r amazing sound!

G Klash says:

Fucking love this song

Jessica Hinojosa says:

Wiz is to damn cold 100

mo mahmoudi says:

So this is the “let it go” song everyone’s talking about

marc rendon says:

I wish wiz khalifa would sing Let it go from frozen…

Karen Veloza says:

This Song It’s Fucking Really. The Best Song

Muhammad Isa says:

Better Than “let it go” Frozen lol….

Abiodun oluseyi says:

Let it Go…

Isaac Monge says:

Can someone try and explain the music video to me?

Jacky Vu says:

I listen to this song when I play League..

Jeffery Walters says:

I fuckin love this song…its so true a lot of homies need to learn to let
go and remember our friends and family are important.

devin kibe says:

best dong rver

evrybodygetshot says:


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