Wolves Official Trailer 1 (2014) – Jason Momoa, Lucas Till Movie HD

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FanOfEverything94 says:

I would think everyone in the comments would like these kind of Wolves
instead of the ones from Twilight. -_-

Gizmogirl192 says:


bshaq1512 says:

Is this really being released in theaters? Looks like something from Sci-Fi

tiffany johnson says:

OMG it looks so bad, I LOVE IT.

walter bishop says:

For all fancy teenagers!!?:)))))))))

Ryan Johnson says:

So Mimoma is Keifer Southerland from lost boys now? Ummmmm

Andry Malinin says:

Trailer *”Wolves”* with Jason Momoa

Chris Roaches says:

This looks like a lame TV shoe that would last only 1 season

hollywoodwerewolf says:

So a skinny teenager will eventually defeat gigantic Jason Momoa’s wolfman?

Daniel J. Phillips says:

Looks like a cross between Lost Boys and the Howling.

Christa Lynn says:

Looks good. Def gonna watch it when it comes out. 

Karlan Reborns says:

This looks so bad it might actually be great!!! 

john hatton says:

this is like a comedy trying to be a horror film to hard

Revoremus says:

i can watch teen wolf and play the wolf among us but i am SO not watching

Mow Mow yo says:

fuck it, ill see it

PitFiend2001 says:

I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that this movie looks terrible or that
i might get negged bc someone actually likes it.

medievalweaponmaster says:

Cool a call back to the more classic werewolf. 

Joshua Taylor says:

Super low budget movie…

WildHeart Dwyane says:

What is is? Teen wolf the movie?

joseph ybarra says:

Looks dam -_-

Mick Tobyn says:

Looks like the new ‘Teen Wolf’ has some Balls… Big hairy ones! ;-)

Alex Cho says:

Well… I guess it’s okay for an indie film…

… But still pretty unwatchable.

BL1TZEN says:

Sorry. You lost my attention as soon as I saw fucking Teenwolf jump through
the window. 

Troy Edwards says:


longeyes23 says:

they look more like that cat micheal jackson turns into in the music video

Payton Rawls says:

At least they don’t just turn into wolves. I hate that. I like when they
are bipedal man-wolves.

luxie C says:

chuck norris? 01:16

Leland Tilden says:

Looks awesome ;)

suh santos says:

“Wolves” looks a bit with “The Lost Boys” but with wolves, actually reminds
me of Teen Wolf from 80’s, but with more action, i liked it.

demonicusrex says:

this is sooo Teen Wolf 1980

Nagashi26 says:

01:58 one for the furries. 

Hannah Hopkins says:

I think I’ll give it a chance to be good or bad hate that Jason Momoa has
to be bad :/

DJOfRadioGallifrey says:

this is just like ‘teen wolf’.

Insomnicide nope says:

This looks freaking awful 

M Lee says:

Straight to DVD and Blu-Ray…

BklynGirl72 says:

At less have them turn into a wolf on all fours. Not interested!!

Kaura Magazine says:

El 1er Trailer de Wolves starring Lucas Till, Jason Momoa, Stephen
McHattie, John Pyper-Ferguson y Adam MacDonald!! #wolves #movie
#trailers #revistakaura #kauramagazine #kaura #magazine 

Caio Caldas says:

Looks to the bright side this is not a twilight movie.

Eliott Lane says:

true blood + Teen Wolf

may9950 says:


Diego Gomes de Moraes e Silva says:

Still prefer the werewolf in Van Helsing. That one is way cooler than the
others any movie…

Sumerio Anunnaki says:

What rubbish and this movie? and now all equal to gloaming? I admired the
roteristas and American directors but since Gloaming for ca nothing but

Serophous Alexaindre says:

So wait, is considered a monster at home town, flees, runs into a wolf at a
run down bar, TRUSTS him to go to this wolf town, to find out the leader is
a psycho, and still stays for, lemme guess, the woman.

The characters look horrible, the wolves look like the depiction of grendal
from the grendal book, and the plot already sucks and is overused.

Will not watch

Tony Stark says:

The trailer just showed what the entire movie is

Maga Oliveira says:

I´ll see this movie just because of Jason. He´s a beauty!

Claude Mc says:

Hell I’ll watch it. Been waiting to see actual werewolves and not a bunch
of guys with six pack abs turn into dogs. Still got a lot of six packs but
I’ll settle for no wolf dogs.

DonkeyToll says:

This movie will be on Netflix a week after release.

Lê Việt says:



I am going to love this movie I hope I has good ratings .when it hits the
theaters .and comes to Salisbury Maryland. sexy mens turning into wolves.
That’s exciting and all the action 

Commanderbok says:

Khal Drogooo!! Fuck Yeahhh!!

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