Zomblies – Official Full Length Movie

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Simon Tay says:

Too many military amateur mistakes for an excuse to make an exciting
rescue, might as well replace the soldiers with civilians with guns instead.

Special effects is reasonable at a tight budget, script writer(s) need to
send them to military school or fast read some tactical books.

Acting wise need a little brushing up

Overall, it’s entertaining but leave the brain out of the movie.

joeb0 says:

you guys should have had a shoulder mount to stabilize the camera. It’s as
shaky as Blair witch project

Michelle Hall says:

Thought it was a goid zombie movie for low budget. 

Mizta Blessed says:

Not bad apart from one Indian and no blacks in this movie. .. #diversity

emils licitis says:

cool movie,great job

VansenandWellsCo says:

It’s amazing what movie makers can accomplish on such a tight budget O_O
Some of the great films were made on almost no budget at all, and it’s
great to see how directors push what little resources they have to the
limits. Awesome!

deadkansas says:

If you are into independent/cult films, check out DEAD KANSAS, here on

Ldot Vidz says:

Good old British guy…smack him with the kettle haha,the shots/kills are
good especially the head shots !

h0lm1 says:

Those “SAS” looking guys had really amateur behaviour. Their approach in
the beginning looked very stupid. At least get some one with military
experience as an instructor.
Other than that, it looked fine. 

Ryan Leikness says:

Okay, that motorcycle scene was badass… coming from a guy who loves

Sharona Williams says:

actually really liked that wanted the captain to survive tho awesome job on
the film hope there’s a next one

Maximilian Sykora says:

Two things one mustache guy should have lived and two the woman deserved to

Dan nerson says:

I like this video I’ve watch it like 20 times already

Hansbald says:

Really good but the ending is to open :S
Maybe there is a second movie in planning?

aries.manusun sinaga says:


Etuc John says:


Mr.Qtaz says:

stupid end :(

Junero Bolagao says:


Nico Ekywinaldo says:

LOL 22:51 that reactions….

Thomas Hale says:

Good movie!

Scott Muir says:

shittest ending

Camecko Gecko says:

for a low budge it was good effects crap acting and crap story line 

ramon lopez says:

your video sticks i fuk you so much that i want to kill you

00Pr0ph3t00 says:

Awesome movie. Great job.

Mi Horrorshow says:

Where is part 2 ? this move is cool

mibunski says:

I liked it. And yes I got the intentional misspelling of the

Elias Hutson says:

It was great fuck you ya’ twat

littleJOKER50 says:


Jordan Nease says:

You know its funny they have the download when I can download it for free
with the youtube downloader on windows 8, actualy anyone with windows 8 can.

TecnoGaming says:

Nukenorway brought me here

giacomo bencistà says:

*Zomblies** from Realm Pictures*
The low-budget UK action b-movie, free to watch online.
*When a private militia’s rookie zombie hunters send out a distress call,
it’s up to the Rangers to cross The Wall and bring them back as well as
uncover the truth about a terrifying new breed of zombie.*

David van Welzen says:

Zombie flick on a 10k Pounds budget, and pretty well done too.

T. Webb says:

Not bad for a free zombie flick. :-)



John Parker says:

Like Zombies? Got 45 minutes to kill? Then you should watch the fsck out of

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