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Watch the official music video for ZZ Top – Viva Las Vegas Get ZZ Top music: iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/zz-top/id215917 Amazon: http://amzn.t…


Virgil Cowen says:

Getting cast off soon then off to Vegas singing “Viva La Vegas” ZZ Top
style +Ann Angove 

Vicodin M.A. says:

Ahem!! ZZ Top – Viva Las Vegas (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) 

Tanner Allen says:

so wait…ZZ Top…and only 280,000 views? REALLY? You gotta be kiddin’
me…talk about an insult to a good group…

FC Schaeffer says:

To hell with Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, this IS good music.

Don Iksov says:

Ну как пропустить мимо?)

Blaž Zupan says:

To set the mood for today…. #LasVegas 

Rally Bg says:

Great song and Elvis on it its awasome

Francis Rosales says:

I just noticed he’s a ghost.

Panchito Lopez says:

i like

Indy Klooss says:

goeien handel!

AcuraT says:

One of the last hits from ZZ Top on their “Greatest Hits” Album for Rhino
Records in the early 1990s. They had new songs on this Greatest Hits
album, and this was the bigger hit – a remake of an Elvis tune with their
“pop” take on it. Antenna never lived up to this a few years later on
another label.

Rafał-Jokan Rok says:

Ten kawałeczek popreslejowski mmmmm….

Vickie Max says:

Zz Elvis. Las Vegas. wow

alejandro casula says:

Good music alejandro casula

mthikerone says:

Okay I am going to make Elvis fans mad “Big Time”.. ZZtop and their style
make this song!! Reminds me of the time when Vegas was the place to be and
have fun without all the kids, Let the Mob have Vegas back; it was fun

Pavel Vlček says:

2:30 best guitar and bass ever :-)

G Philip C says:

Y’all still want me ta come with ya?



Randolf Solvey Enns Benitez says:

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, just cash it in American Dollars and
you’re helping the economy. I’m thinking more on the lines of Forex.

Diana Eubanks says:

Too bad ZZ and The King Immortal could not record together!

James Ahmed says:

Man I want a beard like that beauty

80s Flashback says:

ZZ Top – Viva Las Vegas

jordym65 says:

Stupid 30 or 15 second ad shit.

james bond says:

bright lights ,,big city // lol

deborah j says:

I know what you mean. It is especially annoying to me to have to sit
through a 30 second *&@# ad for a 15 second clip of something!

Tomáš Gola says:

😀 … How bout food today … 😀

Satchel334 says:

Nice to watch a YouTube video without having to sit through a goddamn 30
second ad beforehand.

TheCasuallyZ says:


Ard Carraigh says:

Welcome to New Vegas ;]

Jim Dad says:

No spots love you lou

kkirves says:

Thank you…thank you very much

Stacey Alexander says:


miguelitosfc33 says:

es la mejor musica del mundo

NGP Nico says:

La ville de mon wedding. !!!! La classe

Tim Gruskovak says:

ZZ Top kicks it !!!!!!!!

Madeleine Hirt says:

I liked the original one better but this is still amazing!

miguelyzar says:

Lo mejor de lo mejor

miguel carrillo says:

dedicada a los madrileños soñadores de euro-vegas

Fernando Santos says:


Francois Walter says:

Toujours un bonheur de retrouver les chicanos de ZZ Top!!! Alors au milieu
du délire de Las Vegas, juste avant de partir pour Paname pour voir les Who
à Bercy…I’m really too young to die, but not yet too young for

neilt390 says:

The only thing I hate about ZZ Top and their music, is that it always has
to end!!!! These guys are frikkin legends. I saw them live in 1987 on the
Gold Coast in Australia, with support bands Rose Tattoo and The Angels. Man
what a lineup!!! More hooter in the audience than all the Cheech and Chong
movies put together.

Usman Noor says:

Very HERRONICAL to watch and listen to people lol.

Алексей Хоборов says:
Алексей Хоборов says:

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